Drones In Construction – 10 Interesting Applications

Drone in Construction

In the past few years, enhanced modern technology and their versatility have resulted in the mounting popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), widely called DRONES. The early adapters swiftly recognized the several uses of these modern aircraft in business settings and began to leverage it—The construction industry is no exception here. Yes, the uses of […]

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20 Toxic Construction Chemicals Found In Building Construction

Construction Chemicals

Today human shelters have transformed, it’s no more under the trees or in caves – currently skyscrapers, hi-tech complexes, and sub-terrain bunkers are the real meaning of shelter homes for us. Well, all the possible credit goes to the very discovery of reinforced cement concrete. But again, as construction industry evolves and upgrades, new challenges […]

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Structural Design Of Buildings To Mitigate Landslides

structural design, landslide

In the past month we witnessed numerous incidences of houses being viciously damaged on account of landslides. Today, the level of disaster preparedness plays a major factor in the mitigation of natural disasters like these. While Kerala flood alone accounted for more than 350 lives this year, in 2017, 453 landslides occurred worldwide which claimed nearly 4,164 deaths. […]

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