Sehwag International School

This campus is built on the standards of ECO-EFFECTIVENESS with beautiful and sustainable architecture. The architecture of the building is designed in reverence of “nature”, as compared to the prevailing practice of moulding,  giving the campus a positive and lively feel. Due to its composed and green surrounding, the students in the campus feel fresh and motivated throughout the diurnal course.                                                


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At SIS, even pathways and courtyards are prearranged to be places where one can stay, learn and evolve and not just mere places to pass. These pathways are created to bring in some sense of responsibility in the minds of the students so that they follow Eco friendly mode of living.  The building at SIS assimilates the principle of “building as a learning aid”. With plenty of open spaces, the building design provides provisions for project work, open learning environment and inspires the students to “explore”. The school includes two mini football fields and an international level cricket ground that is spread across the school. These fields inside the school motivates students to be active and also become responsible towards mother nature. The interior and exterior consists of  furniture that is built using child-friendly material to provide a safe and comfortable learning experience.


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SIS, founded by Mr. Virender Sehwag, aims to fabricate its students into responsible global citizens who constantly seek for perfection in every aspect of their lives. Perfection can only be a result of constant care, tenacity and determination. In this regard, SIS ensures that each student is dealt with the utmost patience and care, which could amplify them into responsible global citizens.

Authored by a Building Expert from Wienerberger India, World Leaders in Building Material Solutions since 1819

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