Coronavirus Crisis – Here’s how China Built A 1000 Bed Hospital In Just 10 Days

Coronavirus – The outbreak began in Wuhan which alone is home to at least 11 million people. The hospitals in the city have been over flooded with concerned residents and pharmacies have been out of stock with medicines. Does the Wuhan Coronavirus worry us? Yes, it does. Beyond the rush for health cures, cities are seen to react by using both architecture and urban strategic planning as tools for the virus’ containment, shattering our notions of city and resilience planning. And what does it mean from the construction and architectural standpoint?

Well, China doesn’t disappoint with its incredible resources invested to support its health needs. Astoundingly, the construction of a 1000-bed hospital isn’t hoax, but reality.

A 1,000-Bed Hospital Built In Just 10 Days?

A 60,000-square metre structure with space for 1,000 beds and 30 intensive care wards, all built in just ten days. But how did China manage to construct a hospital in just 10 days?

http://thmiii.com/episodes/4/ Prefabricated units are the key to the construction of this building in such rapid speed. In this form of construction, instead of first building the foundation and then following with the superstructure i.e. the steel frame, the building, and the cladding; the prefabricated units allow the construction of the foundation and the building envelope to take place in parallel.

Camajuaní Read About The ABCs Of Prefabricated Construction

The 645,000-square-foor makeshift medical facility is made up of two floors and is equipped with 1,000 beds, several isolation wards, and 30 intensive care units. The credit goes to the hard work and dedication of the construction teams comprising 7500 workers with armies of trucks and excavators who dug and scraped around the clock to complete the project.

Chinese state media carried live video of the construction site and showed the sheer scale and speed of the project. A second dedicated hospital with 1,300 beds is also expected to be ready later this week.

Here’s A Look At Some Amazing Pictures Of The 10-Day Intense Construction

Amid Global Emergency ….

The Coronavirus has been declared as ‘ Global Emergency’ – With more than 30,000 people being infected with the virus globally, China incredible architectural intelligence indeed promises the much-needed care for the people in its country. Furthermore, for Beijing, the facility also serves as a powerful symbol of the government’s drive To Do What Needs To Be Done.

All Images Credit: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/03/world/asia/coronavirus-wuhan-hospital.html

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