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We are a group of building experts from Wienerberger, the world leaders in Building Material solutions, present across 30 countries and 215 manufacturing units across the globe. In the course of our interaction with various clients, especially recent or prospective house owners, we have come across a plethora of queries, quite often not directly related to building materials, which have been a source of confusion for many. We at Wienerberger strive to give complete solutions to our clients by not just delivering smart building materials but also providing smart solutions to house owners. In order to have a better reach, we have come up with GoSmartBricks blog to benefit customers and new or prospective house owners alike.

Feel free to browse through various articles that may be of interest to you and if you have any particular query regarding house construction, building materials, bricks, green homes, sustainable living practices and more, drop in your queries to gosmartbricks@gmail.com and we will publish related articles on our blog.

We hope our tips and suggestions come in handy while you go house hunting or house building…


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Expert Contributions: 

GoSmartBricks welcomes building industry experts who want to share their knowledge with the readers on this platform. If you have something that you believe will add value to the ecosystem, get in touch with us at gosmartbricks@gmail.com  with a subject line ‘Building Expert’.

Customer Stories:

You may share in your experiences while buying or building a house, tips on related topics and we would be happy to publish them here. Share your stories at gosmartbricks@gmail.com with a subject line ‘Customer Story’


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