Peek Into The Self-Sustainable Floating Pavilion In Rijnhaven, Rotterdam

With the aim of becoming the world capital of CO2 reduction by reducing its carbon emissions by 50%, Rotterdam has developed a set of self-sustainable floating Pavilion in Rijnhaven in 2013, with ambitious plans to adapt to sea level.

This project is a catalyst for battling climate change, operating from three connected domes anchored within the Dutch city’s old harbor. Designed by DeltaSync and Publicdomain Architects this pavilion is an extraordinary example of innovative, sustainable and climate-proof architecture. Built by Dura Vermeer, the floating domes are 3.7m high and the total area is equivalent to 4 tennis courts.

The Pavilion has a pretty valuable exterior aesthetic value which is above all unique and recognizable. Being an exhibition and conference venue, these qualities are more than useful. Moreover, its facade and shape, although peculiar in a sense, have blended into the environment mostly because of the transparency of the building. Viewed from the shore, it seems as an almost surreal structure, a giant bubble floating on water. The interior is light and spacious, and acts as a kind of medial between indoors and outdoors. The visitor’s experience is brought to a higher level, since the tangibility of the experience of floating is undeniable. This brings another dimension to any event held at the Pavilion, and is a step towards the public accepting floating structures as a new way of experiencing space.

The idea behind Self-Sustainable Floating Pavilion in Rijnhaven is to build a community of houseboats and serve diverse uses. The translucent structure depend son on solar energy and is made of anti-corrosive plastic ETFE, which is 100X lighter than glass and therefore perfect for a floating structure. The pavilion meets the growing demand for climate-proof shelters, as flexible and self-sufficient as possible.

You can read more about the Floating Pavilion in Rijnhaven here.

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