7 Unusual Window Design That Were Made To Grab Attention

Your choice of window when building a new home in most of the cases is a very upfront decision. You want something that is aesthetically pleasing with features that match your other home design elements. With increasing importance of natural light in architecture, we want windows that let a lot of light in and at the same time are energy efficient and help in saving heating and air conditioning bills. Well that the basics of a Window Design that most of us follow, but this blog ain’t discussing conventional window designs. Instead we draw some inspiration from buildings which used windows as a decoration element.

7 Unusual Window Design That Will Grab Your Eyeballs

1. House Berhnheimbeuk, Belgium

Designed by Belgian firm Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu this residence is completely cladded with grey tiles. What makes is unusual are the handful of irregular openings which are the nothing but windows. Another interesting thing that this home features is a large tree which shoots right through the house, the architect left gap in the roof for the tree to branch out.

2. SkinnyScar House, Netherlands

Designed by Dutch architects Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman the window design of this building structure are two simple protruding glass boxes. In addition, there are many “hidden” windows which can be seen only in the dark.

3. Scape House S, Japan

This family house is located on hills and offers the beautiful scenery of the lake; no wonder the owners requested that the view shouldn’t be compromised. Kouichi Kimura designed a range of different sized windows which offer different hierarchy of views, they allowed some rooms to look out to others. The narrow window steals the show and of course frames the nearby lake perfectly.

4. Gablepack, South Korea

Designed by AND studio, Gablepack is one of the most eccentric buildings on this list. This is an apartment block located in South Korea; what makes it totally unique is its house-shaped windows which puncture the façade.

5. Diamond House, Singapore

Formwerkz Architects designed this house for a small family who greatly cherish their privacy. The diamond house located in Singapore is an angular home and turns its back on the street. It has a huge shard of tinted glazing on its facade. During the daytime it beautifully reflects its surroundings and, in the night, it stems a warm glow by offering the passersby a glimpse inside.

6. Cirqua Apartments, Australia

Six huge round porthole windows are the focal point of this Melbourne based apartment block. The windows create vitrines to the apartments inside, flooding them with natural light. Cirqua apartments are designed by local firm BBK Architects.

7. Spiral Window House, Japan

Alphaville architects punctured this home with a series of horizontal windows typically resembling steps. Since privacy wasn’t a priority, the architects didn’t compromise openings and arranged them a way to offer different views of the nearby Yodo River.


The choice of a window design shouldn’t be a simple thing. We are sure these unexpected windows featuring unconventional shapes and surprising locations will make you rethink of the possibilities of fenestration.

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