Namaste Tower In Mumbai – 7 Interesting Things

Namaste! The typical Indian way of greeting, where we clasp our hands together to greet someone. This is exactly the inspiration behind this 316 m (1,037 ft) tall skyscraper in Lower Parel, Mumbai – ‘ http://motionledtechnology.com/wp-includes/blocks Namaste Tower’. Building on this here are 7 interesting things about this gargantuan skyscraper.

Namaste Tower In Mumbai – 7 Interesting Things

Namaste Tower is one of the super tall skyscrapers currently under construction. This residential and commercial type skyscraper is designed by the Dubai-based architecture firm ‘WS Atkins’. The construction of this marvelous skyscraper is expected to complete by 2020. Once constructed, the tower will look like no other structure currently being built in one of the largest cities in the world.

Now let’s sneak peek into the 7 most interesting things of Namaste Tower.

1.       Architecture

The architecture of Namaste tower builds on the ancient Indian expression i.e. ‘Namaste’. The two wings of the building are clasped together like hands greeting the city of dreams, Mumbai. In this way, the architectural design of the building provides the ultimate symbol of hospitality and welcome which links to the cultural context of India.

2.       Mixed Used Skyscraper

Namaste tower will be the newest addition to the W hotel franchise, will include several floors of office space, retail space and a rooftop restaurant. With 62 floors, the tower will be a mixed-used skyscraper.

3.       For Hosting Gala Weddings

The tower has been designed to cater to large scale Indian weddings.

4.       Spectacular Orientation

The orientation and massing of this tower were designed in such a way that it can seamlessly provide spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, the Mumbai Peninsula, and other adjacent towers.

5.       Façade With Intricate Mehndi Designs

With a massive height of 300 meters, this tower will be seen from a distance of more than 40 km. Hence, the visual appearance of the project is of great importance. The building skin of Namaste tower includes intricate swirling mehndi patterns based on the Mehndi pre-wedding ceremony. For those who don’t know, Mehndi Ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies in Indian Weddings, here Indian to-be brides decorate their hands and feet with elaborate henna designs.

6.       Solar Edge

Another interesting thing about the façade is its material i.e. fritted glass. This glass acts as a sunscreen which helps in reducing the total solar gain within the building. Also, canopies that have been spread out on the lower floors will include solar thermal collectors. These collectors will fulfill nearly 12 percent of the towers’ energy requirement that is needed to produce hot water for hotel guests.

7.       Great Indoor Air Quality

The Namaste Towers includes several open corridors and atrium areas. To improve indoor air quality and promote the circulation of fresh air the designers included ample open spaces for internal gardens.

The architecture of India is deep-rooted in its history, culture, and religion, and Namaste Tower is surely going to be a perfect example adding up to the glorious architecture of India. Amazing isn’t it? Mumbai, India is getting a lot closer to unveil this gorgeous new skyscraper to the world.

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