This 8- Storey Tehran Apartment Block Features Amazing Brick Façade

Brick Façade

Project Details Name Of The Building: Saadat Abad Residential Building Architects: Mohsen Kazemianfard – fundamental approach architects Location: Tehran, Iran Category: Residential Lead Architect: Mohsen Kazemianfard Area: 1300.0 m2 Project Year: 2018 Project Highlight – Brick Façade A built structure of a 7-store apartment with 2 floors under the ground was given to ‘Fundamental Approach […]

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Why Architects Love Building With Bricks?

Bricks, Building With Bricks, Wienerberger, Clay bricks, Clay building materials,

Unquestionably, bricks are one of the oldest building materials around, but despite being antique it is always looked at with fresh eyes. No wonder, architecture across the globe shares this undying love affair with bricks. Every wondered why Architects love building with bricks? As one of the oldest and most versatile man-made building materials, brick […]

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Planning To Build Your Green Home? Take Inspiration From These 5 Awesome Eco Friendly Homes In Bangalore

eco friendly homes in bangalore

“Sustainability” this topic has been creating a lot of buzz in almost every industry and circle, exclusively in Architecture. The last decade has seen a significant increase towards environmental consciousness and it’s for good indeed. Thoughtful decisions are being made, many builders are trying to integrate the principles of sustainability into their design. For many […]

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Different Types Of Building Façade Cladding Systems To Know About

The cladding of buildings without any doubt is the most expressive and complex feature in any building design. Façade definitely is an elegant component of the building, but the role it plays in reducing building’s energy consumption, improving natural lighting and offering better airflow within the building is also noteworthy. Several concrete jungles are cropping […]

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Building materials to complement your success via building your dream home


Significance of your success Since the days of yore, we humans seek three main things in life, no matter how rich or poor we are; food, clothing, and shelter. With our personal and professional growth, we tend to imbibe more and more sophistication in what we eat (food), in what we wear (clothes), and in […]

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