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Building materials to complement your success via building your dream home


Significance of your success

Since the days of yore, we humans seek three main things in life, no matter how rich or poor we are; food, clothing, and shelter. With our personal and professional growth, we tend to imbibe more and more sophistication in what we eat (food), in what we wear (clothes), and in where we live (our home).

These three aspects should ideally reflect our success in life. While there is tremendous variety in the food we eat and the clothes we buy, the same is not true with our homes. Because we can’t and won’t switch our homes as often as we do with our clothes or the food we eat.

How to save energy with clay building materials

So, our home becomes the insignia of success in life, this is exactly why we spend more energies on building a magnificent home which matches our taste and success.

Significance of your home

Be it a villa, a plush apartment, or an independent house complex, we want our home to be bespoke. And why not, a home is first a place for us and our loved ones to reside, but it is also a symbol of your taste, success, and courage.

When you talk to the best architect, the best engineer, the best builder to build your dream home. We recommend you to consider the best building materials maker, because, the home plan, construction techniques are as good or bad as the materials used to build your home.

Premium building materials for your premium home

Premium building materials doesn’t mean bloated price for the sake of it. Premium is a tag which should be associated with science behind the substance. Three main building materials which offer strength, durability and most of aesthetics to your home are bricks, roof tiles, and facade.

The modern world with its developed and developing nations have taken oaths to build sustainable countries, cities, and communities. This is to do with efficient usage of natural resources and building a peaceful and smart future for our children.

Why natural building materials are healthy

As a result, when it comes to building homes, sustainability has to be at the center point of focus for an architect, an engineer and a builder. This sustainability can be achieved in two ways, 1) during smart construction processes with less dependence on resources such as water, labor, electricity etc and 2) with eco-friendly, nature-friendly, energy-efficient building materials. So, how to choose the right brand who makes responsible, sustainable, and aesthetically beautiful building products for your home?

It’s not just the brand, it is the science behind it

Wienerberger is an Austrian clay building materials manufacturer who is the world’s largest clay bricks manufacturer. With world beating technology and processing techniques, they make world class clay bricks, clay roof tiles, and clay facades. Here are some of the projects where Wienerberger products are used.




There are three products which would easily match your life’s ambition and help to make your dream home 1) sustainable, 2) aesthetically beautiful to look at, and 3) provide a premium look to your home from the outside.

Porotherm smart clay bricks

porotherm smart bricks wienerberger

Clay hollow blocks are 100% natural, green products and are used in building long lasting homes. It provides natural comfort for generations and helps in faster construction.

Some of the intrinsic features of Porotherm Smart Bricks include:

  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Enabling faster construction
  • HIGH COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH – Efficient & long lasting
  • THERMAL & SOUND INSULATION – Ensure comfortable indoor living environment
  • GREEN BUILDING PRODUCT – 100% Natural, sustainable & rated by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) & the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA)

Clay ventilated facades

aspect facaded wienerberger

Today, a building has to be sustainable, definitely energy-efficient and each architectural design must offer a benefit. Clay Facades are so versatile and adaptable that they can meet all these requirements – even the demand to be outstanding. Especially when it comes to smart cities, it is imperative that the buildings project a sense of intelligent design to abide by the overall city planning.

Wienerberger aims to provide customers with products for the whole building envelope that meet the requirements of the contemporary architectural’ style quotient.

Scientifically advanced roof tiles


Nature provides us with an infinite variety of colours and forms, surely more than any human could ever imagine. The wide selection of profiles, colours, shades, and textures makes our clay roofing tiles as individual as the people who live beneath them. Whether traditional or modern, warm shades of red or other colours, whether for renovation projects or for the latest architectural innovations, Koramic (from Wienerberger) has a product for every taste and need.

Advantages of Clay as a Building Material

That is why Koramic offers the widest range of clay roof tiles in Europe, with over 45 different profiles, in a multitude of colours, finishes (natural, glazed, and engobed), fittings, and non-ceramic accessories to create the perfect roof. State-of-the-art production techniques enable Koramic to give each product a distinctive look and unique feel. By carefully listening to the needs of the market, we bring new designs, new shapes, and new colours to new generations. Recent applications include wall cladding and curved roof structures. In this way, we continue to expand the long tradition of clay roofing tiles every day.

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