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Why Clay Roof Tiles Last Long And Are Ideal For Home Construction In India?

If someone asked us to sketch a home when we were young, we would have classically drawn a home with sloping roofs. If it’s somewhere in South India, one can safely take up, the roof which is imagined to be clay roof tiles. The beautiful composition of red-tiled roofs partially covered by the lush green canopy of trees in Kerala and Karnataka or the villages in Tamil Nadu and Andhra have created a new skyline that is etched in the memories of the people who live or have visited these states.

India has a rich history of building beautiful structures across the country. Ancient India was the gateway for traders of spices and textiles between the west and the east. Hence, the country has always welcomed travelers, tradesmen, craftsmen from all over the world. India has accepted and is influenced by many cultures from across the globe.

The country’s architecture is no exception. Every major dynasty, till the British have left a mark in India’s architecture. It doesn’t take a keen eye to notice that, since ancient times, Indians have a remarkable familiarity with clay products to construct houses and trading complexes. This mainly happened for two reasons:

  • Clay is abundantly available in nature
  • Clay’s properties of keeping the temperature at check during India’s scorching summers, and torrential monsoons.

Be it bricks, roof tiles, façade, or anything else, clay will always make its way in your construction plans.

Clay Is Best Suited For Home Construction

The modern era has witnessed a number of impressive innovations in construction, and one of which is the use of clay roof tiles. This is something that you should consider when building your home. You may ask why?

Here are a few of the most important reasons to help you consider clay roof tiles for your construction in India.

Clay products for building materials have taken countless iterations since the days of yore. It is a testament to clay itself that it remains the favourite building materials to modern-day architects, engineers, and most of all homeowners.

Whether for roof, façade, wall, terrace, public area, or garden – clay tiles, bricks, and pavers can be used in various ways. They are robust, have a proven lifespan of more than 100 years, and retain their quality and value for generations.

Bricks, clay blocks, pavers, and clay roof tiles are made from the natural resources clay and clayey mixtures and fired at high temperatures. The power of fire transforms the soil into ceramic products and strengthens the unique properties of bricks and tiles.

The continuous further development of technologies and products leads to a permanent improvement of key product properties. The results are optimal, complete solutions made of ceramic building materials for the entire building, which are architecturally versatile and beautiful, energy-efficient and sustainable – from the basement to the rooftop.

The added value of our building material solutions results from the intelligent combination of one or several building materials and the corresponding services like consulting and servicing. Examples are cost and time savings, improved thermal insulation, quicker processing.

Clay Roof Tiles – Why You Should Use Them?

Below we detailed down the advantages of clay roof tiles:

1. Retains Structure

One of the most impressive properties of clay roof tiles is that it excels in retaining its shape and structure – Irrespective of the weather it faces. Clay roof tiles do not corrode, warp, or disintegrate even in extreme temperature differences, which leaves you worry free for years.

2. Flawless For Hot/Humid Conditions

Clay is a raw material available in abundance in our country and it is known to have the ability to keep temperatures in check. This property makes clay a perfect component for homes in India that witnesses a hot and humid climate for a good part of the year. Roof tiles made with clay can help in lowering your electricity bills.

3. Safety & Comfort

Being hollow from the inside, these clay tiles create air pockets inside them that act as a great insulator against both heat and sound. This helps keep the home cool in summers and warm in winters. Plus, this same insulation also keeps the sound out of our homes, making for a comfortable place for living and thriving.

4. Environment Friendly

Clay is naturally occurring and the other raw materials are used in the manufacturing of clay bricks and tiles. Clay roof tiles are pure natural products that satisfy all requirements on environmentally friendly construction

5. Non-Toxic

The raw materials used to manufacture tiles are non-toxic, so the water that runs off a tiled roof is potable, however, other factors including atmospheric fallout need to be considered. This makes them a great thing for homes planning to install rainwater harvesting systems.

6. Corrosion Proof

For regions near the coast, rusting and corrosion caused by saltwater is a common and huge problem. Clay is totally safe from such attacks; hence it is a great option for ensuring the protection of your structure from sea salt and sprays.

7. Guarantee Of A Lifetime

Owing to how they are made, the colour of these tiles not only stays on the surface but also stays deep inside the tile. This averts it from fading in colour or losing its appearance.

8. Durability

Along with keeping your home cool, these tiles have a long life. Also, now these are designed and manufactured with new-age technology which makes them sturdy, non-corrosive, waterproof. Clay roof tiles also have the ability to protect the home from acid rains.

Koramic Clay Roof Tiles – Perfect For Indian Homes

An Austrian maker (Wienerberger India) of clay building materials for over 2 centuries, has a repertoire of clay materials to help India construct sustainable, premium, and aesthetically beautiful houses in India (primarily in Kerala, Karnataka, & Tamil Nadu). Through its intensive R&D and manufacturing in India and Europe, brings a roof tile product called Koramic.

Clay roof tiles do not age, rather they mature with time. As time passes, the roof tiles lend beauty to the house unmatched by any other roof tiles, thereby retaining the charm for generations. Made of clay even Koramic roof tiles enjoy this unique characteristic of longevity. The clay roof tiles are not restricted to timeless beauty but their durability is also an asset for the owners to enjoy.

  • Koramic clay roof tiles will not rust, warp or corrode, a problem with other roofing materials.
  • Helping save money and the environment through energy savings.
  • The raw materials used to manufacture tiles are non-toxic.
  • Koramic is ideal for coastal locations.
  • Their advanced insulation properties help in keeping unwanted noise out.
  • Koramic terracotta tiles are a sustainable product of lasting beauty.

Enough Of Reading About Clay Roof Tiles, Get A Free Sample

Now that you have read extensively about why clay roofs are the best choice to build an aesthetically beautiful, premium house for Indian conditions, you may also receive a sample of the product and free expert consultation on clay building materials for your dream home.

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