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Building the Green Future of Industrial Construction with Porotherm Smart Bricks

In the dynamic world of construction, industrial projects demand robust materials that can withstand heavy loads, rapid construction timelines, and ever-evolving requirements. As the demands of the industry continue to evolve, so does the need for innovative building solutions. With the buildings and construction sector responsible for a substantial portion of global energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, addressing its environmental impact has become imperative. As per a 2021 report by, the construction industry accounting for approximately 37% of energy-related CO2 emissions and over 34% of global energy demand, holds a pivotal role in the fight against climate change. Leading the charge towards sustainable construction, Wienerberger stands at the forefront with its numerous innovative approaches. Through Porotherm Smart bricks, Wienerberger is redefining the landscape of industrial construction. With its exceptional benefits and unparalleled features, Porotherm has emerged as a standout choice for industrial projects that require a harmonious blend of strength, speed, and sustainability.

Kaimori Porotherm Benefits: A Perfect Fit for Industrial Construction

El Reno Lightweight Advantage: One of the key factors that makes Porotherm an ideal choice for industrial construction is its lightweight nature. Weighing around 60% less than conventional walling material, Porotherm blocks significantly reduces the overall weight of the structure, easing the load on the foundation, and allowing for more efficient transport and handling of materials on the construction site.

Easy & Faster Construction: The lightweight properties of Porotherm Smart Bricks streamline the construction process, allowing for swift and seamless assembly. Porotherm’s innovative design allows faster construction compared to traditional bricks. These blocks are easy to handle and can be quickly laid, leading to shorter project timelines without compromising quality.

Durability: Industrial structures need to withstand a range of challenges, from heavy machinery loads to environmental stressors. Made of 100% natural clay, Porotherm Smart Bricks are known for their exceptional durability, ensuring that the industrial facility remains robust and resilient for years to come. This durability is especially important in industries where constant operations and minimal downtime are critical.

Water Tightness: Porotherm Smart Bricks are engineered to withstand harsh monsoon, these bricks boast a remarkably low water absorption rate of approximately 15%. By minimising moisture penetration, these bricks significantly reduce the risk of dampness and shrinkage cracks in your walls.

Energy Efficiency: With sustainability becoming a cornerstone of modern construction, Porotherm’s energy-efficient properties stand out. Porotherm’s thermal insulation properties minimise heat transfer, contributing to a more comfortable interior environment while reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling systems. This not only lowers energy consumption but also aligns with sustainable construction practices.

Structural Savings: Porotherm’s lightweight nature and easy installation method not only accelerates construction but also leads to reduced structural requirements. The foundation and support structures can be optimised due to the lower weight of the building material, resulting in cost savings without compromising safety or quality. Eliminating the requirement of columns, Porotherm Smart Bricks maximises your structural savings, especially for G+4 buildings.

Load-Bearing Capacity: Industrial buildings often house heavy equipment and machinery. Thanks to the high compressive strength (≥ 7 N/mm2), Porotherm’s load-bearing capacity is remarkable, making it suitable for industrial environments where the structure needs to support substantial loads. This capability ensures the longevity of the facility and its ability to adapt to evolving operational needs.

Thermal Insulation: Maintaining an optimum indoor environment is crucial in industrial settings. Porotherm Smart bricks offer excellent thermal insulation, creating a buffer against external temperature fluctuations. This insulation not only contributes to a more comfortable workspace but also aids in reducing energy consumption by minimising the need for constant heating or cooling.

Green & Responsible Construction: Choosing Porotherm for industrial construction aligns with green building principles, contributing to responsible construction practices that prioritise resource efficiency, energy savings, and environmental stewardship. Such initiatives not only benefit the immediate project but also set a positive example for sustainable construction across the industry.


As the demands of industrial construction continue to evolve, so does the need for innovative building materials that can address the unique challenges posed by the industry. Porotherm Smart Brick’s exceptional benefits, ranging from lightweight construction and rapid assembly to durability and energy efficiency, make it a standout choice for all industrial projects. With the ability to seamlessly blend efficiency, sustainability, and structural integrity, Porotherm is redefining the way we approach and execute industrial construction, paving the way for a future where industrial facilities are not just functional, but also innovative and sustainable.

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