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Who are the stakeholders in constructing your dream home and what roles do they play?

Who are the stakeholders in constructing your dream home and what roles do they play

Purchased a plot long back and are now looking to build your house on it? It is a herculean task to have a house constructed, since it takes a while to even understand where to begin the process. We walk you through the major stakeholders (besides yourself, of course!), that is, the aspects or persons who / which will contribute the most to making that dream house a reality.

The Architect

Who are the stakeholders in constructing your dream home and what roles do they play

Needless to say, depending on your budget, an architect is invaluable and sets the very basis for your house. Among other things, you should consult and hire an architect for:

  • Designing your House: Broadly, there are two primary aspects of construction of a house – structure and design. For both, an Architect is indispensable.
  • Structure – Depending on how your plot is placed vis-à-vis the entry road/ lane and what it is flanked by on the other three sides (other built up houses, open area, service lane, corner plot), and taking into account your considerations such as how much natural light do you want, the proportion of live in spaces (bedrooms and utility areas) to open spaces (informal den, garden/ terrace and balconies etc.), your Architect should be able to suggest several structural options.
  • Design – Do you want a modern and utilitarian looking house, or one from the Victorian age or from the Mediterranean? Where you place your rooms in the house, do you have arches or straight lines? Explain how you visualize your house, or if you have a particular era in mind, and your architect will create it for you.
  • Effective usage of the Plot: It is not necessary that each and every corner of the plot be constructed to get effective usage. Open green spaces, attached balconies and integrated storage spaces and closets may not require you to cover the entire plot.

The Builder

Who are the stakeholders in constructing your dream home and what roles do they play

Choosing the appropriate builder for your dream home is an equally important decision. The ideal way to choose the appropriate builder or contractor is to look at their experience and get references from past clients. While talking to existing clients of the builder, be sure to ask if the construction was carried out in a time bound manner and if there were any issue vis-à-vis labor or materials used. Another crucial area that you should focus is on the structural warranty, and depending on the region you are in, waterproofing warranty that the builder offers.

You should also look at whether the builder has experience with the particular design style you wish to get and he/she understands the design elements with your architect. If there is synchrony between the builder and the architect on the design, you can breathe easy and rely on the design aesthetics to match your expectation.

Material suppliers

Who are the stakeholders in constructing your dream home and what roles do they play

In most cases, while getting your dream home made, or remade, homeowners often neglect to consider the materials as well as the material supplier needed for the same. In today’s day and age, with increasing awareness on and availability of sustainable buildings, homeowners are often unaware or unsure of the building materials required for building sustainable homes.

It is important to assess, at the planning stage with your architect, what materials are best suited for the structure you desire or the region you are based in. For example, if you choose contemporary European design for your home, you may choose clay tiles by Koramic Roof Solution to provide the look to match. Or if you live in a cold region, and want better insulation to prevent heat loss through the walls, it would be a good idea to use POROTHERM bricks for the internal non-load bearing walls.

Choosing the right building materials, and the right material supplier can be the difference between a dream home you want to live in, as opposed to a house you have to live in.

Interior decorator

Who are the stakeholders in constructing your dream home and what roles do they play

The last and one of the most important stakeholders in your dream home build list is the interior decorator. An interior decorator is responsible for the most important part of your home, the interior space which you inhabit. This is why, once you have shortlisted your interior decorator, with good references and whose work you have reviewed yourself, it is crucial that you explain your requirements and preferences so the interior decorator and you are on the same page. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, it is not, and an interior designer can actually help you avoid making costly mistakes and even increase the value of your home.

The right interior designer can help you take advantage of your surroundings, by recommending appropriate materials and design layouts to aid in natural lighting, cooling and even sound proofing. Intelligent interior designing can make your living areas seem more inviting and relaxing, bedrooms more cosy and bathrooms and closets more efficient (from a utility and energy point of view). It is important for your interior designer to be as conscious and knowledgeable about materials and material suppliers as your builder. For example, while designing an open kitchen or patio barbecue enclosures, your interior decorator can use fire-resistant materials like Argeton Natural Clay Façade which will not only add to the aesthetics but also safety and sustainability. Interior designing properly done can help you enjoy your home for years to come.

Building a dream home is an ambitious task close to every present and future homeowner’s heart. Ensuring you have enlisted the correct stakeholders can help you realize that dream with little to no heartache. However, in addition to choosing your stakeholders carefully, homeowners should also educate themselves about building materials and suppliers to ensure their dream home passes the test of longevity and sustainability.

Who are the stakeholders in constructing your dream home and what roles do they play

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