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Facing Bricks – All You Need To Know!

Facing bricks are the materials used in making of the facades, i.e. the principal front of the building. Facing bricks are manufactured with the purpose of being visible and thus offered in aesthetic and pleasing designs in the market. Apart from aesthetic designs and appealing look, facing bricks also possess other great qualities. Continue to read below to know more.

Facing bricks – intended to be visible

Facing bricks, as the name implies, are manufactured to be used as facing, i.e. as the exterior of the wall. These bricks are different from other structural brickwork and carry a very clean and even appearance. Since their primary use is to make the look of the building aesthetic and pleasant, facing bricks are made of different kind of materials.

Types of facing bricks

Facing bricks are available in different designs, options varying from traditional to modern style, colors, and textures. These bricks are customizable based on users’ specifications.

Extruded bricks

Extruded bricks, also known as wirecut bricks, are relatively a modern type of facing brick that has become very popular over the past few decades. They tend to be more uniform in shape and size than handmade or softmud bricks. Extruded bricks come in a variety of textures like roller textures, sanded textures, rustication, dragwired textures and even glazes.

Stock bricks

Stocks bricks, commonly known as softmud bricks, are manufactured using one of the oldest technologies in brick making. Stock bricks have different textures depending on whether they are made of sand-struck process or water-struck process. Stock bricks are primarily used for decorative purpose.

Arch bricks

Arch bricks are greatly used to form aesthetically pleasing decorative arch units. These bricks have a great demand in openings such as doorways and windows to form several different arch details. Arch bricks are manufactured in different shape and size, right from segmental to flat gauged, semi-circular and soldier profiles.

Waterstruck bricks

Waterstruck bricks are manufactured using traditional process with a touch of modern architecture. This category of bricks has a unique texture because of the usage of water in the molding and demolding process.

Engineering bricks

Engineering bricks are primarily made to provide enhanced technical performance. This kind of facing bricks are used more for their physical characteristics rather than aesthetic look. High compressive strength and low water absorption are two of the major qualities of these bricks. Engineering bricks come commonly in smooth red color although blue engineering bricks are also widely available.

Advantages/benefits of facing bricks

Facing brick used as architectural design element for a residential facility in Bedwas, UK

From the artistic point of view –

That which is seen is sold! Facing bricks significantly increases the sale price of the property. The unique artistic view offered by these bricks is just unmatchable.

Aesthetically pleasing

Facing bricks are available in diverse colors, shapes and surface textures that offer a wide range of design options and assure an eye-catching appearance along with long-lasting value and enduring design quality.

Apt for the latest trends

Most of the facing bricks are designed using the old traditional process but with a touch of modern architectural design elements.

Enabling craftsmanship

The architectural view of the building tells a lot – not only about the buildings but also about the people living in these buildings. Facing bricks offer a range of designs and textures that bring personality to a static structure.

From the technical point of view –

Fire resistant

By fire resistance, we mean the time duration till which the walling material of a home can prevent a fully developed fire. Firing at exceptionally high temperatures ensures that the facing bricks are resistant to fire and never contribute to the spread of fire.

Improved thermal insulation

Clay bricks are one of the best energy efficient materials that one can incorporate in their homes. Facing bricks are generally made of clay or concrete and thus provides an improved thermal insulation property.

Environmentally sustainable

Facing bricks are pure natural products made of clay that satisfy all requirements for environmentally friendly construction in a way that hardly any other building material can match.

From the cost-savings point of view –

Requires zero maintenance

Facing bricks require zero maintenance and any other kind of expenses. Additionally, it also prevents from rotting, warping, denting, fading, rusting, peeling or termites. Thus, the property owners do not have to worry or put any kind of extra effort to maintain their property.

Less expensive

Facing bricks come with great design aesthetic looks. Thus you do not need to put any extra paint or whitewash etc. to make the outer part of your home attractive. This saves a lot of money. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any extra maintenance and lasts up to several years without putting any extra money on it.

Energy efficient

Due to its thermal insulating property, facing bricks absorb and release heat slowly thus keeping the house cool during daytime and warm during night time. This in turn results in overall energy saving.

The bottom line

As Sir Christopher Wren rightly said,

“Architecture aims at eternity”

we believe facing bricks will help you achieve just that.

With time, facing bricks are becoming more and more popular. Architects recommend facing bricks for most of the façade makeup and even builders are using it significantly. To get more details on these bricks, contact us or visit

Authored by a building expert from Wienerberger India

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