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Walling Material – Porotherm Clay Bricks Are Noteworthy Resource Savers

Porotherm bricks are smart walling material that peruses the advantages of natural clay. These are perforated hollow bricks, which can be either horizontally perforated or vertically perforated. The fact that they are made of natural substances and are hollow from inside makes them far more efficient than the traditional solid bricks and blocks.

Porotherm bricks – a noteworthy resource saver

Porotherm brick is considered a superior walling material when compared to other kinds of materials. Furthermore, it comes with several unmatchable features that make it a noteworthy resource saver. The walling solutions offered through Porotherm Clay Bricks are environment-friendly, cost-effective, easy to use, and feasible to address non-load bearing new age construction methodologies.

Less water consumption

Porotherm bricks consume up to 95% less water during the process of curing while under building construction. It also takes less time for curing and is ready for the next phase just after 24 hours.

Thermal insulation

It gives superior thermal insulation that greatly improves the indoor comfort of the building. Unlike walls built with traditional bricks, the use of Porotherm Thermo Brick results in interiors being cool in summer and warm in winter, when compared to the external temperatures. This results in saving a lot of energy and utility bills.

Acoustic insulation

Porotherm Thermo bricks are filled with specially formulated insulating material that gives a ‘U’ value of 0.6 W/m²K. This not only gives you excellent thermal insulation but aids you in keeping your indoors comfortable. Walls built with Porotherm bricks also provide good acoustic insulation enabling you to build noise-free homes.

Fire protection

The life expectancy of Porotherm bricks is over 150 years. Porotherm comes with a fire rating of F240 – 240 minutes since the bricks are already burnt at an exceptionally high temperature that is at about 1000 degrees. They are fireproof and thus guarantee to protect your property in a secure way.


Porotherm bricks are considered as a great green building construction material. Porotherm bricks are made of natural clay amalgamated with other natural additives like coal ash, rice husk, and sawdust. They’re free from any artificial and chemical substances that might release harmful gases into the environment. Their capacity to retain low moisture and dry faster helps optimize thermal protection naturally. They’re also recyclable and can be used in different forms once they reach the end of their life, which is more than 150 years. Porotherm has been credited by Indian Green Building Council for ratings and is a highly effective sustainable building material.

Cost and Energy Saving

Porotherm bricks save a lot of energy as well as money. For instance, in summer homeowners generally use AC while in winter, they use heaters; but when your home is built with porotherm bricks, you might not need any of them. The usage of Porotherm clay bricks eliminates this pre-requisite because of its thermal insulation property. Additionally, there is no requirement for sand and cement also so it cut down the cost of construction to a great extent.

Porotherm bricks also make the process of fixing and plumbing simple. You can do so by cutting bricks without any hassle with the help of a machine. This gives neat and clean workmanship with no damage to the bricks and walls neither to the worker.

Porotherm hollow bricks are widely being used since it doesn’t only ensure the quality; strength and economic value but also are aesthetically beautiful and functionally smart bricks.


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