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Quality Construction, Why Is It Totally Worth To Buy An Apartment Built Using Porotherm Bricks?

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In the past few decades, there have been several incidents of building collapses in metro cities. In most of the cases, faulty construction and design or use of inferior building materials are believed to be the key felons. So, how can a home buyer distinguish between good construction and bad construction quality of a residential property?

Well, buying a new apartment can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. How do you make your choice? Most of us make this decision based on our budget and location. But what about construction quality? What if the house has problems you can’t afford to fix later?


Construction Quality – Why It Matters For The Home Buyers?



Alongside cost, time and location – Quality of the construction project is of utmost importance. At the end, it is this parameter that will ensure that your expectations are fulfilled to the highest standards in the future. Quality in all is about the design and materials used in the construction project.

Now you may ask why it matters, poor quality materials pose risk to the strength of buildings. Building collapse and similar incidents in the past have led to many questioning the quality of buildings constructed in the country. Health issues with building materials after construction is another matter of concern. Also, coming to the environment, buildings are responsible for an enormous amount of resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

It Matters!!!! Isn’t it? Well, quality materials and design mean less carbon footprint, safety and health of the occupants, higher property value, durability and longevity, and reduced maintenance costs.

This blog aims to highlight the importance of Materials Quality in Construction and why it is totally worth to buy an apartment built using Porotherm Bricks.


Porotherm Bricks – Ideal Wall Solutions For All Houses


Built Using Porotherm Bricks From WienerBerger


India is moving towards building 100 smart cities, amidst all this boom, if you are planning to buy your own house, it’s important to understand the latest innovations in the construction sector, especially with regard to building materials.

Very recently, the building materials market has seen a very innovative product which is absolutely perfect to build walls of Quality, Strength, Energy Savings and Thermal Efficiency.  Porotherm hollow bricks are smart walling material that peruses the advantages of natural clay. These are perforated hollow bricks, which can be either horizontally perforated (HP) or vertically perforated (VP). The fact that they are made of natural substances and are hollow from inside makes them far more efficient than the traditional solid bricks and blocks.

Porotherm bricks are used in thousands of residential and commercial projects. Easy application of the bricks and regular support from Wienerberger technical experts have made Porotherm Bricks a sought-after walling material for house owners in metros and tier 2 cities.


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So, Why Is It Totally Worth To Buy An Apartment Built Using Porotherm Bricks?


Apartment Built Using Porotherm Bricks From WienerBerger


1. Natural & Healthy Living

Porotherm Clay bricks are produced in India with local and environmental-friendly materials like – clay and water. This product is natural, anti-allergy walling material, devoid of toxic, chemical components which contribute largely to creating healthy living spaces to live in.


2. Humidity Free

Another way Porotherm contributes to a healthy living environment is their capacity to absorb high air humidity and release it when environments become dry again. As a superior clay product, these bricks help to balance moisture inside the building and prevent condensation from amassing.


3. Reduce Operational Cost

Life cycle analysis (LCA) shows, over a 50-year period most energy (71%) is used in the operational phase of a house, rather than in its building process. In particular, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation represent a bigger source of greenhouse gas emissions than manufacture and construction. So, it makes perfect sense to choose a home that is designed to reduce operational energy by using materials with high thermal mass like Porotherm Bricks.


porotherm bricks, Wienerberger Porotherm bricks, , construction quality,

Apartment Built Using Porotherm Bricks From WienerBerger


4. Year-Round Thermal Comfort

Buildings constructed with Porotherm are able to provide a perfect indoor temperature all year round due to the good thermal mass properties of the bricks and blocks. In general, thermal mass defines the capacity of materials to store heat. The capability to store heat is a mixture of the mass and the thermal capacity which are both on an excellent level for clay masonry units. This means such homes are “Warm In Winter & Cool In Summer”.


5. Zero maintenance

According to a study developed in Germany in 2008, a two-storey house made of clay products is estimated to cost up to 24% less in terms of maintenance costs over 80 years than comparable construction materials. Investing in clay brick/block constructions means you need to fear less about running up on maintenance costs.


6. Better Usage & Strength

Porotherm Bricks are strong even when under pressure, thanks to its mechanical resistance, it’s much more stable than most other building materials. When loads are applied on a clay brick wall, it will always remain secure. Porotherm hollow bricks have a good compressive strength which makes them ideal to install heavy wall cubicles, cabinets, geysers, etc.


Built Using Porotherm Bricks From WienerBerger


7. Offers Aesthetics

Hollow bricks add aesthetic value to your home. Its versatility enables it to go well with paint, glass, and facades thus giving your architect enough scope to think creatively.


8. Fire And Earthquake Resistant

Building built with Porotherm Clay Bricks enhances the occupants’ personal safety by minimising the risk fire poses due to their natural fire resistance. These bricks are fired at high temperatures and are incombustible hence able to prevent the spread of fire to other rooms or neighbouring houses. Also, clay brick houses provide stability in the face of numerous natural hazards, like earthquakes, avalanches, and landslides. Well designed and executed houses built with Porotherm Bricks can withstand such unexpected impacts even better.


9. Consistent Product From Trusted Manufacturer

Wienerberger group is the World’s largest producer of clay (terracotta) building bricks. With over 204 factories across 30 countries, Wienerberger has become the foremost authority when it comes to natural, sustainable, green building material solution provider.

Wienerberger stands for high-quality clay products which are still pure, natural products despite of all technical advancements, making them a perfect example of a sustainable concept. They invest continuously in new environmental friendly technologies and develop products that are produced with the greatest possible respect for the environment in order to serve both mankind and the world we live in.


Porotherm Bricks = Value For Money


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Porotherm hollow bricks are being extensively used as quality, strength and economical value are applauded upon them. They’re aesthetically beautiful and functionally smart bricks. Currently, these bricks are also being used by famous builders and developers. You should invest in projects that use Porotherm Only.


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Know how your walls can significantly improve your living environment.


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