Historic Renovation Of 100-Year-Old Roof Of The Dokett Building In Cambridge, UK

Dokett Building, clay roof

Project Information Project – Dokett Building, Queen’s College, University of Cambridge Location – Cambridge Client – University of Cambridge Contractor – GHB Roofing Ltd Architect – BB+C Architects Limited Product – Keymer Traditional Elizabethan and Antique roof tiles The Dokett Building located in Cambridge, UK is a site named after the first President of Queens’ […]

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Pitched Roof Construction Is Best With Clay Roof Tiles

Pitched Roof Construction, Clay Roof Tiles

The roof is one of the most significant parts of any building structure, acting as the first line of defense from environmental hazards. Roofs have evolved over the years, with technology and innovation at its peak in the construction industry, today roofs are being constructed in numerous styles and with innovative materials. Considering Pitched roofs, […]

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Your Roof Can Affect The Environment: Learn Before You Buy Roofing Materials

roofing materials

How can your roof affect the environment? This is a question more and more homeowners are asking themselves as we move forward to a more eco-aware attitude.  And for those who are still not asking this question, its high time you should, because the type of roofing material used on your roofs has a substantial […]

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In Trends: Rooftop Gardens – What You Need To Know?

Green roof is basically a complete system fabricated in such way that the inhabitants can grow plants on the roof of their house/building without suffering from any kind of leakages/damages to the roof membrane that protects building envelope. Green roofs are suitable for all kind of building structures – right from small residential garages to […]

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World class roofing solutions: Technologically advanced, wide range of colors and finishes for Kerala

The architecture of a building speaks volumes about the person who owns it, and no matter what they say about people having different perceptions, the definition of beauty remains same for almost everyone. So if there is a building which is exquisitely designed, then the owner is in call for loads of appreciative compliments. Though […]

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Building materials to complement your success via building your dream home


Significance of your success Since the days of yore, we humans seek three main things in life, no matter how rich or poor we are; food, clothing, and shelter. With our personal and professional growth, we tend to imbibe more and more sophistication in what we eat (food), in what we wear (clothes), and in […]

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