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These 3 Products Can Be A Blessing For Your Home

When building your home, the foremost thing that needs to be taken care of is the type of material you use to construct your home. There is a range of materials required for the construction but among them are these 3 products that can be blessing for your home.

where to buy Pregabalin in canada 1. Porotherm- High quality bricks ensure that your house is strong and long-standing. It prevents any structural wear and tear, thus helping avoid expensive repair costs. The best brick material that you can opt is Porotherm. Porotherm is known for its premium texture and is produced along strict quality controls. Using it ensures safety and comfort in your home.

It is a clay block that is produced using modern engineering methods, but surprisingly retains the benefits of old traditional clay block. Its arrival has changed the Indian construction industry ushering in a new and a revolutionary dry construction method that is, at the same time, very strong.

buy Pregabalin india Benefits

  • It is quite strong so it will not get worn out by weather elements
  • It offers excellent thermal insulation thus reducing your energy consumption costs
  • It prevents noise from coming inside the room thus keep the interiors tranquil
  • It will not catch fire thus eliminating the fire hazards
  • It is the perfect materiel for homes built on earthquake prone zones.
  • It is affordable resulting in cost savings
  • It makes the construction process easier
  • It is 60% lighter than conventional block
  • It is easy to maintain thus saving on maintenance costs

Using Porotherm clay block enables you to save on the cost of construction. This materiel poses no environmental harm and it retains the value of your home. Homes that are made from poor quality material do not have a high resale value. When you build it using Porotherm, you can be sure that it will fetch a good price on sale. Porotherm can be used for exterior walls, interior walls and for extending an existing structure.


2. Clay Tiles- It is the oldest known form of roofing with its earliest usage dating back to Indus Valley civilization. Today, you can find them available in various sizes and colors. A roof made from high quality clay and constructed in the right way will last for more than 100 years.


  • It is durable, long-lasting and gives you a roofing structure that stands the test of time
  • It will not get affected by mold or wind
  • It will not wear away due to weather elements
  • With changes in temperature it will not shrink or expand
  • As it is available in a variety of sizes and color, you can select a model that gives the most vivid and interesting look for your home
  • It offers excellent insulation thus preventing you from overusing your HVAC systems, aiding in bringing down energy consumption costs.

There are many grades of clay tiles, with the highest grade being non-porous and having the capacity to even withstand freezing condition. The lowest grade is recommended for use only in places with mild weather conditions. Clay tiles like Koramic can also be glazed for further coloring and adding strength to its surface through which it is able to offer high protection.

Clay Roof Tiles


3. Clay Facades- You might wonder why material that is normally used for roofing is used as part of the home structure. The reason is that the material’s inherent qualities make it ideal for home as well. Using clay facades will give your home a fabulous new look.

Using clay for the home structures brings an environment friendly element into your home, which is good in the long run. It can be easily mounted onto an existing façade as well as cladded on to the all-new surface.


Here is a look at its benefits:

  • It is durable and long-lasting which helps avoid unnecessary repair costs
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It does not wear away due to wind, weather or when any abrasive elements hit the surface
  • It offers excellent protection as it is quite strong
  • It is resistant to fire, will not absorb water or change color
  • It is most suitable for renovation project wherein the old facade can be hid behind clay facades
  • Its porous material keeps the interior cool and comfortable in the summer time
  • In the winter it retains the heat, thus reducing your dependence on the HVAC

One of the chief areas of concern for facades is the colour fading away. But with clay facades like Argeton, which are colour fast, retaining colour for years to come is not a problem at all.

Each of these materials is eco-friendly and provides benefits in terms of energy efficiency, fire-resistance and lower costs of construction. By using them in your home, the structure will be strong and durable for generations to come, thus enjoying the same warmth and comfort.

Natural clay facade wienerberger

– Authored by a Building Experts from Wienerberger India

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