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World class roofing solutions: Technologically advanced, wide range of colors and finishes for Kerala

The architecture of a building speaks volumes about the person who owns it, and no matter what they say about people having different perceptions, the definition of beauty remains same for almost everyone. So if there is a building which is exquisitely designed, then the owner is in call for loads of appreciative compliments. Though the building has to look beautiful in entirety, the roof attracts the most to eyes.

Considering the exquisite look of the roof, the idea of it shall involve refined tastes of not only the owner but the architect as well who shall turn the vision into reality, which in turn would be complemented by the expertise of the builders. All three of them would see things differently and would choose the materials, to make the immaculate building, from their own perspective: the owner would want designs that would turn heads all along in the future, not compromising with the soothing effect the building would have in people beneath it; the architect would want varied options to try and match the owners’ and his visions; the builder shall want the materials to be technologically advanced so that not only the process would be easier but also the building remains strong for years.

The three different demands can be fulfilled simultaneously if the materials used are technologically advanced, having both aspects- beauty (having a wide range to choose from so that the different tastes can be satisfied) and strength (strong enough to remain beautiful for years having the capacity to withstand seasonal complexities). Wienerberger has come up with a unique solution, clay roof tiles sold under the brand. Koramic which offer a wide range of different shapes, colours and surface structures. Wienerberger is offering word class roofing solution to the Kerala homes, designed specifically keeping in mind the design tastes and the weather specifications of Kerala.

buy veterinary prednisone Blend of Aesthetics: Beautiful and Soothing

Koramic tiles are made up of Clay. The use of clay roof tiles is environmentally friendly and safeguards the earth‘s long-term natural resources. The best that nature has to offer. Clay was, and continues to remain, the preferred building material for anyone with an interest in “natural” building and living in a healthy environment. Koramic clay roof tiles will not rust, warp or corrode, a problem with other roofing materials. The raw materials used to manufacture tiles are non-toxic, so the water that runs off a tiled roof is potable.


Koramic clay roof tiles do not age, rather they mature with time. With time, the roof tiles lend an unmatched beauty to the house, thereby retaining the charm for generations, having the unique characteristic of longevity. The clay roof tiles are not restricted to timeless beauty but their durability is also an asset for the owners to enjoy.

Technologically Advanced: Long Lasting with Easier Installation

Since it’s inception in 1883, Koramic has been a guarantee of tradition and quality. Over 120 years of rich know-how and comprehensive production experience make Koramic one of the top clay roof tile brands of the world. Wienerberger believes in consistently developing new ideas, and the focus on product research and development has lead in creation of some of the most visually appetizing colours and finishes. The use of State-of-the-art production techniques enable Koramic to give each product a distinctive look and unique feel.


Wienerberger follows strict adherence to International Quality control standards. For better Efficiency, Koramic offers large format roof tiles (10pcs/sq. mt), leading to faster installation with minimum support materials

Wide Range: Complementing to all Design Tastes

Koramic offers the widest range of clay roof tiles in Europe, with over 45 different profiles, in a multitude of colours, finishes (natural, glazed, and engobed), fittings, and non-ceramic accessories to create the perfect roof. Wienerberger India currently imports 8 Koramic profiles which include:

  • Alegra 10: Combines economy and aesthetics in an optimal way.
  • Actua 10: This profile is a feast for lovers of modern architecture. Has also been used as building façade.
  • Romane: Combining strong curve and technical performance, it’s a tile that renders a Mediterranean touch
  • Madura: A large format, contemporary wave profile
  • VHV : Flemish Tile with a curve which blends into a harmonic wave
  • Modula: A specialized, large format modular ceramic tile with both aesthetic and functional qualities.
  • Opalys: A wide format roof tile with double tile effect…Oplyse which has received it’s name from the gentle wave like appearance… Each individual tile is Double Grooved with smooth surface and deep sockets in plaster molds.
  • Prima: Another large format profile from Koramic…Designed to control light!A very contemporary look, Prima claims a futuristic character with very sharp angle creating an interesting play of light lending an extraordinary identity to the roof.

Whether traditional or modern, warm shades of red or other colours, whether for renovation projects or for the latest architectural innovations, Koramic has a product for every taste and need. To receive a sample of Koramic roof tiles, click here.


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