Sai Mandir, Vennached: The Structure Speaks For Itself


If you look at the temple of Sai Mandir in Vennached, it looks like a distilled version of just any traditional Hindu temple- being a simple religious building which consists of recognisable elements like gateways, circumambulation bath and sanctum. On the other hand, what in fact makes this place of worship unique is the creative […]

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World class roofing solutions: Technologically advanced, wide range of colors and finishes for Kerala


The architecture of a building speaks volumes about the person who owns it, and no matter what they say about people having different perceptions, the definition of beauty remains same for almost everyone. So if there is a building which is exquisitely designed, then the owner is in call for loads of appreciative compliments. Though […]

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U.S. Green Building Council Has a New President and CEO, Mahesh Ramanujam


Mahesh Ramanujam has successfully completed his transition as the president and CEO of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) as announced by the Board of Directors. He took on this new post since November 2016 and will also serve the USGBC’s sister organization, Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) in the same post. The position was previously […]

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Architecture as a hobby makes a retiree a bonafide eco-friendly builder


It is not easy to leave the corporate world and try something out of the ordinary. Antony Raj worked in the corporate sector for many years. He stumbled upon the indigenous architecture techniques. Soon, he became fascinated with this unique technique and started to build eco-friendly homes in India. Let’s learn more about Antony Raj […]

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