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How To Select The Perfect Building Bricks For Your Project?

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Brick unquestionably is the most popular building materials for construction projects across the world. What do you think is the major reason behind its popularity and why does the future for this antique building material remain so bright? Well, it’s because of its Versatility.

To a layman, a brick is a brick. But, the humble brick has evolved into something way above this. Today, bricks come in different types, with an array of diverse colors, textures, and sizes, each one having its own unique characteristics. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, depending on your project type (i.e. traditional or ultra-modern), today there is a brick available to suit each type of project.

Now, good brickwork is not just about bonding bricks together; there’s a lot more to it. From bonding patterns to joint profiles and mortar colors – the eventual effect of a wall is determined by several considerations and elements. So, how do you select the perfect building brick for your project?

Selecting The Perfect Building Bricks For Your Project

architecture house town city estate ds106 plpconnectu neighbourhood residential area human settlement 1. Decide On The Colour

One of the first thoughts when selecting a building brick is likely to be around the color you want to use.  When you have a vision about what you want the final project to look like the color of the brick does have one of the weightiest impacts. Gone are the days when bricks were just RED, these days bricks are available in a range of colors.

buy non prescription Clomiphene 2. Select Your Type Of Brick

Bricks are a vital construction material that is normally available in a rectangular shape and are manufactured from clay but that’s not all. Today different types of bricks are used in construction based on the raw material used in it like concrete, lime, fly ash and many more.

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3. Brick size

Another very important element of selecting bricks is its size. The size of the bricks has a huge impact on many other elements of a project, things like how the building is designed, its overall aesthetic appearance, the ease of laying the bricks, etc.

4. Texture

Just like color you also have a wide range of options when it comes to the texture of the building bricks. These days bricks are available in a variety of textures – smooth, light textured, heavy textured, tumbled and stock. The texture of the brick is as important as color; it is crucial to reflect the look and feel of existing legacy brickwork. The texture of the bricks influences the way light is reflected off its surface, how light and shade effect is created, and the ultimate, perceived color of the façade.

architecture structure street house roof building home downtown suburb construction entrance cottage facade church exterior residential brick bricks real court front estate yard semi detached residential area

5. Mortar Impacts The Colour

Another key feature for determining the overall appearance of a building is mortar color. This is because mortar accounts for 15 percent to 17 percent of the visible brickwork of a wall depending on the bond pattern. In addition to this, it is important to check that your mortar will suit the surrounding built environment, predominantly when repointing existing brickwork.

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6. Select A Bond Pattern

Patterns – another key consideration in selecting the bricks. While the primary purpose of a bond is to ensure the brickwork is strong and stable, it can also have a dramatic effect on the visual appearance of a wall. So, when selecting the bricks, keep in mind the pattern you wish to draw.

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7. Orientation

The orientation in which the bricks are laid will have a big impact on the overall look of the project. The very directions in which bricks are laid down can create interesting patterns which ultimately adds value to the wall. With orientation, we mean defining which side of the brick is outward facing and which is fixed to the existing structure.

8. Special shaped bricks

Special shaped bricks offer a range of benefits, from enhancing the aesthetics of brickwork to providing added durability and protection – they can even reduce build time and waste on site by reducing the need for cutting bricks by hand.   

 9. Other Materials

You can’t build your entire project using bricks, isn’t it? Every building project uses different materials, like glass, wood, etc. One of the great things about brick is that it complements other materials well. When selecting your brick, you should also consider what other materials you want to use on the build to ensure they work together in the most integrated way to maximize the overall look of your project.   

That’s all for now! We hope this guide helps you select the perfect building bricks for your project.

Reference – Wienerberger UK

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