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Top 7 Architects In Trivandrum

Architects In Trivandrum

Building your own house is about giving life to your dreams. In most of the cases, an architect is the master of building design, someone who can turn that hazy picture from your dreams into reality. Architects are experts who can help in designing and redesigning spaces of your home or help you build your property from scratch. Architectural practices with their extensive knowledge of architectural design and building materials, a strong appreciation of ergonomics – warmth, light, and flow inside a property can make a home stand out against others. Thankfully, our country is full of such bright and innovative minds. Are you looking for an architect in Trivandrum? Then this blog could be of much help.

7 Amazing Architects In Trivandrum

Here’s a list of some of the best architects in Trivandrum, please note these names are simply arranged in the listicle and not ranked in any manner.

1. Ellis Infra

Ellis Infra offers full professional Foundation and Structural consultancy services. They are committed to providing fast track solutions in structural analysis, designing, preparing structural drawings and site support which meet their clients’ schedules. Their services also include site investigation, soil mechanics, soil test, planning, and layout. Their architectural design is not just about the outside impression, but how it effects people and the environment. Every part of their building design is a part of astrophysics based human interaction with the buildings.


2. 3DBricks

Trivandrum based 3DBricks is a global planning, designing and consulting firm offering awe-inspiring architectural solutions. This firm talks future tense to redefine what conventionally was known as interiors and exteriors. They have a team of experienced architects, civil engineers, structural designers, and interior designers who together as a team render exuberant personalized client services. The best part about 3DBricks is that they enjoy as well as encourage client’s participation in the project. Hence, you get a chance to narrate your dream to them and they cautiously carve it in bricks and mortar.


3. Royal Design Architects

Established in early 2000, Royal Design Architects is a professional consultancy offering total architectural, interior design, and project management services for residential, institutional, commercial, hospitals, industrial, hotels, resorts, etc. From design to furnishing, they offer all services under one roof. Apart from Trivandrum, they also offer services in Kollam and Nagerkovil.


4. Ego Design Studio

EGO Design Studio is the confluence of a team of amazing architects who graduated from the Department of Architecture, Thangal Kunju Musaliar College of Engineering, Kollam, in Kerala, India. Having started their respective career journeys at different offices of renowned architects of Kerala and beyond, this team finally decided to come together in 2009 to fulfill a promise they made during their college life. And then, in the fall of 2009, EGO Design Studio was born. 


5. Vastushilpalaya Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Throughout the years of its very existence, Vastushilpalaya has been dedicatedly following the design Philosophy of Progressive Architecture. They strongly believe in Architecture which imbibes the spirit of the past, incorporates the needs of the present and anticipates the hope for the future. Vastushilpalayais engaged in Architectural Consultancy, they offer services in Architectural Design, Structural Design, Interior design, Landscape design, Services design, Campus Planning, and Town Planning.


6. I Nova Infra

I Nova Infra architects are a team of expert architects who have a flair for innovative architectural designs. Their projects include apartments, homes, hospitals, offices, shopping centers, commercial, and even townships. They strive hard to ensure every single place they design or remodel has a perfect balance of Comfort, Space Management and Designer Appeal. And yes, all this is promised considering your budget.


7. Gentle Home Designers And Architects

Based in Trivandrum, Kerala, Gentle Homeis an expert Architectural designing firm which lives for its vision of always exceeding its customer expectation. They specialize in architectural designing, which is completely based on their client’s unique preferences and choices. Gentle home specializes in Building Construction, Interior Design, Architectural Designs, Turnkey Projects, Estimation, Sanction Drawings, Renovation, Proposal Drawings, 2D Plan Designing, 3D Exterior Designing and Documentation Service.


Final Thoughts

As you search through architects in Trivandrum, keep in mind the below tips:

  • Search – It is important to understand that when you are searching for an architect, you are not just going to hire them for a project, you have to build a relationship with them so that they can relate to your dream and give it wings. Search for an architect who is known for good client relationship, who can be involved in all the phases of the design process, starting from the concept to the completed construction.
  • Cost – One of the most important parts of home construction is the cost involved. Hence it is very important to understand how much the architect charges. Different architects operate differently, while there is no predefined payment structure, independent architects may charge differently from architectural firms.
  • Ask – You can make mistakes by not asking or telling. When it comes to building your home, mistake once committed is going to be there forever. So, before the work begins, make a list of all that you want to ask your architect, and tell him all that you want with respect to your vision. Keep the doors for communication always open, never hesitate.

It is always a good idea to reach out to multiple professionals, and not settle down for the first bid you hear. However, this list could be a good resource, to begin with.

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