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Women’s Day Special: Celebrating Esteemed Women Architects

This year, on International Women’s Day, Gosmartbricks celebrates womanhood and recognizes the importance of a woman’s role in promoting and ensuring sustainable building practices in the country. Eminent Indian women architects like Sheila Sri Praksh and Shimul Javeri Kadri, who make us proud internationally, believe in building in harmony with nature; and continuously strive to promote green building practices.

We hear about promises of eco friendly smart cities to be built soon in India. The discussions mostly revolve around whether the structures will support eco-friendly practices after they have been constructed; very less is spoken about green building materials and sustainable construction practices which obviously is integral. Gosmartbricks has had an opportunity to speak with some notable women architects the quotes from whom we have compiled to inspire a trend of green building awareness in the nation.


Ponni Concessao

Principal Architect, OCI Architects

“Sustainable design and vernacular architecture in a contemporary frame is the utopian ideal for today’s India. Look within and act as it is important to think global and act local.”


Minal Dube

Founder & CEO, Spaciux India

“Great designs are created for the future and hence there is no choice but to be sustainable. Sustainable architecture is not just about quantitative segments in construction such as reduction of energy consumption and wastage. Albeit it’s about the people and their ethical commitment, it’s a teamwork to be sustainable at a neighbourhood level, city level and planet level.”


Sarojini Ajith

Partner, Elements Design Associates

“We women play many important roles in this society, whether it be a mother, a wife, a sister or a daughter. The mother in me looks out for the various properties that help make the project more sustainable. These traits influence our approach while designing to bring about a sustainable change in the environment that we work in.”


Meghna Srivastava

Managing Partner, MAP Architects India

“Architecture is an extremely responsible profession & we as Architects unlike other professional fields have the responsibility to design an harmonious interface that connects human life with the environment in a sustainable way that is both functional and aesthetic. The balance between science, art and architecture is what I believe we try to achieve at MAP Architects.”



Principal Architect, Aartitecture

“Good design is timeless. No wonder we go back in history and are still in awe of some monuments and cities built hundreds of years ago. In spite of no access to technology but the techniques were sustainable to this day. The real estate sector must focus on functionality and aesthetics, so we are are proud of a history that we will pass on to future generations. As a woman our inherent quality is to provide and give why not pass on something beautiful to this world as an architect.”


Charanya Premkumar

Associate Principal, Vernekar Associates

“A place for everything and everything in its place” …and as I believe, everything should come from nature and ought to go back to it! Any building which is designed appropriately to house its people, their activities and the material required for its existence and functioning,  will have an impact on the environment; However, spaces designed with an intent to reduce this impact to the minimal would not only influence the inhabitants of such spaces but, would also gradually influence its micro environment to follow suit, ultimately reducing the negative impacts as a whole and would sustain its existence throughout its life cycle.”


Seema Shukla

Managing Director, Artis Interiorz

“You can’t have INFINITE GROWTH on FINITE Planet, which is why at Artis Interiorz, this year we have decided to focus more on below key points:

Minimalistic Homes: Lemont Homes where your needs are full filled rather than homes with minimalistic wood work approach to save more trees.

Natural Resources: Upata We are trying our best to Designs Homes in such a way, so that Natural Day Light is used instead of the electricity and for the natural Cooling System provisions to avoid electricity consumption.

No To Plastic: We are trying to use material which is either Plastic free or has very less plastic for low impact on the environment.

I personally believe that “Alone we can less but together we can do a lot more” to have a bigger impact on our lives and society at large.”


Harini R Kishore

Partner, The Concise Desines

“To experience better harmony in life coupled with healthy lifestyle practices, sustainable design principles stands as key driver in its accomplishments. As Landscape designers, sustainable design principles forms the key driver in addressing any design task. Few examples like – Drive to office being replaced with cycling or electric vehicles. Adopting reduce and reuse principles in water consumption reflects sustainability in true spirit. The grid power supply being replaced by solar and wind energy promotes sustainable human communities.

By adopting few sustainable design principles, Real estate industry can contribute in raising healthy communities around.”

Wishing all women architects from the community a very Happy International Women’s Day 2020!

Authored by Building Experts from Wienerberger India

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