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This Farmer Built An Exciting Cob House Using Mud In Just 250 Dollars

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Today the world is cursed with rising real estate cost and repressive mortgages – Amid this, people can only dream of building their own home. However, Araruama Where There’s A Will There’s A Way” – British farmer Michael Buck is an exception and of course an inspiring example of how anyone can build their own home – and this doesn’t have to be an expensive or complex affair.

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Buck, a 59-year-old retired art teacher, and farmer from Oxfordshire, constructed this stunning one-bedroom cob house in his garden for just £150 (USD 250). Certainly, it was easier for him as the land was already available and he didn’t need to take any special permits as it was considered a summer home.

Basic Principles Followed By Buck During Construction

Buck followed some basic principles in the process of planning and constructing his home. These included:

  • Use only those materials that he could independently find
  • He would use no power tools in the construction

In creating this abode from the ground up, Buck wanted to show that a house can cost absolutely nothing to make. Buck built his entire house from scratch using nothing more than natural and recycled materials including clay, mud, and straw. Astonishingly, not a single power tool is used in the construction of this structure. Buck has created the hobbit-style home for just £150 (~ $250) at the bottom of his garden, using an ancient cob – building technique.

According to Oddity Central, Buck had designed this home on the back of an envelope and spent over 2 years collecting local materials which he salvaged himself.

Coming To The Amenities

For amenities, free running water is available at the hut 24X7, cheers to a diverted nearby spring which burbles out of a pipe outside the house. There is no central heating, but the cob walls and thatched roof provide excellent insulation. The wood-burning stove can be used for cooking and it is strategically placed beneath the bunk style bed. This makes sure that inhabitants stay warm throughout the night. A lovely spherical pile of stacked wood lies outside, while a nearby well serves as a refrigerator, complemented by a composting toilet in a separate outhouse. During the dark, candles and lanterns provide light.

Here’s a quick peek into this stunning cob home:

And the magic moment:

According to, Buck rented this quaint 300-square-foot house out to a woman working at a nearby dairy farm, who pays the rent in milk. More at Michael Buck’s website.

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