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6 Products That Will Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Live A Healthy Life

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It’s this global world, today many of us are aware of the critical problem of climate change and its severe consequences. What does it mean for the citizens? Making sustainable choices that ultimately help in conserving the environment. Hence, it’s no surprise, eco-living is the new trend and it’s gaining a lot of attention in India.

But how do you make practical choices to reduce your carbon footprint for a green lifestyle?  Let’s take a close look at cracking this riddle.


6 Products That Will Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint



This blog will highlight how environmentally conscious homeowners can create the most positive impact and contribute towards a greener future. We have identified 6 home products that you should consider for your home, these choices will help you actively reduce your carbon footprint and further live a healthier life in a healthier environment.


1. Green Furniture

Green furniture’s are made of eco-friendly materials like bamboo and wood or those materials that are obtained from recycling or can be specially-developed products. Apart from the materials used in producing, the process of making these furniture’s are also eco-friendly as it doesn’t release any harmful chemical into the environment. Also, Green Furniture can be easily recycled.

When you go shopping for furniture, you also need to take into consideration the toxic compounds found in everyday furniture. This is because most kinds of furniture are typically treated with synthetic ingredients, these substances release toxic compounds into the air, that is one major reason causing air pollution.


2. Sustainable Flooring

After walls, floor spacing is the second most important area that makes your home. Hence having sustainable flooring choices instantly upsurges the green percentage of your home. Furthermore, keep in mind that when you choose innovative sustainable flooring materials for your house, you would not have to use any harmful chemical ingredients for its staining and installation as they can be ordered pre-finished.

But how do you make your flooring green? It’s quite simple, choose flooring materials that are recyclable and eco- friendly, rubber, cork, pine or timber are few eco-friendly options for your flooring.


3. Eco-Paints

When it comes to paints we only think about beautiful colours, but did you know most wall paints are unbelievably toxic and unsustainable to produce. In addition to that, these poisonous wall paints ruin the indoor air, making it way more polluted.

Wall paints play a momentous role when it comes to going green. Select eco-paints, these paints are produced using sustainable materials. While they might not be 100% perfect, they are still a viable option as they considerably have a lower impact on our environment.


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4. Organic Bedding & Mattresses

When buying organic bedding or mattresses, you will discover that most of the foams being sold in the market contain extremely harmful volatile compounds (VOCs). These compounds not only affect your health adversely but are also serious hazards to the environment.

Try to stay away from chemicals like antimony, boric acid, polyurethane foam, plastics and phosphorous. While going green with bedding is a great idea, the challenge that might come our way is that there are not many regulations in India when it comes to green certification for beddings and mattresses.


5. Energy Efficient Appliances

Most of us cannot survive without appliances today, isn’t it? But running these appliances also means eating up a lot of electricity. Hence choosing energy-efficient appliances makes perfect sense.

When it buying electrical appliances, you might want to choose those which have high BEE Rating. Typically, a four or five-star BEE rated appliance might cost you a few bucks extra, but in the long run, it will help you save on your energy bills.


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6. Non-Toxic Cleaners

The last, yet one of the most important ones – use non-toxic cleaners to ensure your house sparkles. Get rid of the notion that chemicals work great at cleaning, as these days non-toxic cleaners are equally good. And yes, unlike those chemical heavy ones, these cleaners smell great.

Also, one can prepare non-toxic cleaners easily at home, but again they are also easily available in the organic stores at much cheaper rates. Most of these cleaning solutions are made of readily available ingredients like vinegar, aromatic oils, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.


Final Thoughts


Going green right from the beginning of constructing your house to living in is a great way to conserve energy and help avert global warming. There are lot more things you can do to live a green and healthy life; our list was just a sketchy one to help you get started.


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