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Premium house construction with premium clay building materials

Premium house construction with premium clay building materials

If you are someone who considers your home as a status symbol, as a piece of art, science and spiritual place for your family to live in, then what you aspire is for your home to create an identity for you.

When you get involved with designing and planning your home, naturally your tastes, sophistication, reputation in society etc gets projected by the look and feel of your abode.

Not many houses today create or project an identity, instead most houses are identical. There is no difference in the way they look, in the way the space is utilized, in the way they are designed inside-out etc.

If you agree to the above points, then you deserve a desirable house which is top notch in design, energy efficient, which matches today’s environmental standards.

Three aspects help you achieve such a sophisticated, contemporary abode. 1) the design of your house which matches your taste and liking, 2) the processes of building your house effectively with efficient usage of resources and labor, and 3) the building materials themselves.

Building materials play an important role in achieving design elegance and practicality and also to determine the longevity of the house itself. In this post, we shall introduce you to 3 immaculate, environment friendly, design friendly building materials which will help your architect, engineer and builder produce a home which can become your insignia of your life’s success.

clomid fertility drug buy online uk Robust and design friendly clay bricks made with ruthless quality control

Porotherm bricks weigh is 60% less than a solid concrete block, having a compressive strength and density of >3.5 N/mm2 and 694 to 783 kg/m3 respectively. They have phenomenal thermal insulation and have a water absorption capacity as high as 15%. They help in reducing the extra and unwanted weight of the building, and are renewable. The thermal insulation keeps the place warm in winters and cool in the scorching heat of summers.

State-of-art technology is used to make them with advanced machinery which assures their strength and reliability. A key feature is that they do not have the threat of being burnt as they already are burnt at 1000 degrees in their making.

Porotherm bricks are incredibly easy to use while building both load-bearing and non-load bearing walls. A specific variety of bricks can be used for non-load bearing walls, thereby reducing build time and labor costs. You should see this beautiful infograph explaining the pros of clay bricks. Clay roof tiles made of European technology

Koramic Roof Tiles are manufactured by people who use centuries of experience and know-how into the making process. They ensure a thirty years guarantee for all their roof tiles.

These clay tiles come in variety of colors, finishes (natural, glazed, and engobe) and fittings to create the perfect roof. They ensure each product has a distinctive look and a unique feel. It also recognizes the importance of local, regional and individual identity. Here is an interesting post on why clay/terracotta roof tiles are the best for your premium home.

mulishly Energy efficient clay facades to match any design ambition

Bricks are used inside the house, roof tiles on top of the house, but it is the facade which influences the look of the house from both inside as well as out. It is incredibly difficult to achieve a unique design while maintaining the stringent quality of making clay facade materials to last decades. However, Wienerberger has achieved just that via Argeton.

Increased thermal insulation and weather resistance are the starting USP’s of Argeton. Sophisticated firing processes and selected clays are key constituents in the production of the natural fired colours. The variable joints and tile formats prevent lateral shifting of the tiles and the penetration of driving rain.

The compression of the vertical joints prevents rattling of the tiles in windy conditions. Firing at exceptionally high temperatures ensures the tiles resistance to fire as well as aggressive substances like acid rain. Its appeal when combined with steel, glass and wood lies in its subtlety, symmetry, natural elegance and timeless perfection. Find out why clay facades are the best materials for your premium home.

In the age of information led investments, your home is right at the center of all your investments. Not just your money, but your heart and soul. The fact that you are involved with building a beautiful abode right from the level of research you are conducting now, means you deserve the best. If you have ideas about the kind of house you want to build, talk to our premium home building expert and get your ideas, doubts, plans clarified for free.

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