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How to ascertain the cost of constructing an affordable eco-friendly house

How to ascertain the cost of constructing an affordable eco-friendly house Know Your Floor Plans, Your architect and Builder

Cativá Important aspects: Floor plan, builder, budget, timeline, and project execution.

Step 1: Begin with your choice of floor plans. Spend quality time with an experienced, local architect to consider various floor plans and select the ideal one.

Step 2: Contact the right builder. Share the floor plan with the builder, be sure to communicate your building needs during your first meet with the builder, consider their suggestions and sign off on the project. This builder should tell you how much per square foot they traditionally charge for a new home construction project similar to yours, and at the same time, the builder should be able to give you an approximate idea of what your home might cost to build. It is always a good idea on your end to then ask what exactly this new home cost includes.


  • With the architect: Consider the features of your home when choosing the right floor plan
  • With the builder: It would be better to allow your architect to communicate the floor plan to your builder. Also, set the project budget, quality standards, materials, and project timeline for a project sign off.

Get an Idea of What Your New Construction Costs Per Square Foot

Important aspects: Ascertain approximate project cost, conduct research.

Step 1: It is very difficult to ascertain the exact cost of construction per square foot. However, the builder should be able to suffice a ballpark figure. In order to determine the per square foot cost of your project, take the total cost (approximated by the builder), and divide this number by the total number of square feet in your project.

Step 2: Now, scour the immediate neighborhood for newly constructed homes. Interact with the home owners and ask them for the cost of their home construction. This would help you compare costs. By doing this exercise with a few homes, you can also determine whether or not the estimate your builder has provided is competitive and reasonable.


  • Reach out to multiple builders and conduct thorough research to compare project costs.

Consider green building materials to achieve design aesthetics, lower construction costs and home maintenance cost post construction

Important aspects: Importance of green/sustainable building materials to reduce construction cost and lower energy costs pre and post construction

Step 1: The labor dependencies for your home construction determines two things, 1) project cost and 2) project timeline. As a result, consider utilizing sustainable building materials ( such as clay bricks, clay roof tiles, and clay facade materials to achieve design elegance and energy efficiency pre and post construction.


Know What Style, Quality, and Features Refer to in Relation to Estimating Your New Construction Costs

Important aspects: Consider 1) size of your home, 2) style, 3) quality and features

Style: It refers to the design of your home. Homes that are more square or rectangular cost less to build. The same is true for a two-story versus a one-story home with the same square footage because a one-story home will require a larger roof and foundation. As well, homes that boast a deeper design (greater than 32 feet) might also require a roof with specially designed trusses. Essentially, the more angles and corners you add, the more labor, materials, and price you will incur.

Quality: refers to the actual materials used for building. This can include a myriad of choices, for example, flooring, paint, insulation, shingles, cabinetry and built-ins, appliances, and doors and windows. The higher quality you choose, the more cost you will incur.

Features: refer to design considerations, such as vaulted ceilings, roof pitches, curved staircases, etc. Each of these additions to a build can increase the price tag on your new home and elevate the estimated square footage costs.


  • Envision the style and features of your house.
  • Conduct research to find out the cost of design and materials needed for home interiors.
  • Discuss all design points with your architect, builder, and the material supplier to get a realistic cost value.

Leave Room in Your Budget to Accommodate the Additional Construction Costs

Important aspect: Always be prepared to factor in common expenses

Site Preparation: If your plot is flat, then you wouldn’t have to bother about site preparation costs. If your plot isn’t flat (with trees, boulders, uneven land etc), then you would have to consider the cost of making it level and ideal before construction can begin.

Permit Fees: Working with your local municipal body to get the planning and building permissions intact is vital. You will have to incur these costs into your project value. Local building codes, zoning laws, and restrictions may mean permits need to be obtained for work related to sewers, electricity, occupancy, etc. Depending on the area, these permits can be pricey.


  • Make a list of all permits necessary and conduct online and offline research to determine the costs of obtaining all possible permits.

How to ascertain the cost of constructing an affordable eco-friendly house

Considering that all stakeholders are vital to completing your dream home as envisioned, are vital. At the center of all the stakeholders is the most important aspect to build a beautiful home, viz sustainable, design and cost friendly building materials. Talk to our construction expert to help you build a fantastic abode @ +91 80 4149 1682.

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