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Sustainability Is The New Black

Buildings are responsible for an enormous amount of resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. With the ever growing population and increasing demand for buildings, be it residential or commercial, we cannot get away from building houses and complexes, however, we can surely infuse sustainable construction methods.

Buildings account for almost 40% CO2 emission and extensively consume the industrial and transportation services, which leads to more pollution. Whereas on the other hand Southgate LEED-certified buildings have 34 percent lower CO2 emissions, consume 25 percent less energy and 11 percent less water.


Well, sustainability is new the fashion when it comes to construction, be it homes or offices. The very factor that they are classy, resembles them to be a black in their industry. The way black color shows power, strength, timeliness, style, authority, and submission;  the sustainable construction has all these attributes. They are stylish, durable, last longer makes indoor environments healthier and reduces carbon footprints. Moreover, people, in general, are inclined to live and work in a green home over other conventional edifices.

According to Dodge Data & Analytics World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report, The green building industry in India is expected to grow 20% by 2018. The expected increase in demand for healthier living and favourable government policies are the factors responsible. What Are The Real-Time Advantages Of Green Building, And Why Do Architects, Builders, And Residents Love The Green Concept?

buy stromectol online in u.k They are cost-effective:

Researchers say that a green building property is more valuable with an expected increase in the value of four percent and green retrofit projects are generally expected to pay for themselves in just seven years. Moreover, a lower operational and maintenance costs of these buildings are what end users are finding unimpeachable. LEED buildings report almost 20 percent lower maintenance costs than typical commercial buildings, and green building retrofit projects typically decrease operation costs by almost 10 percent in just one year.

Always in fashion:

The eco-friendly buildings have always been there for generations and will remain for many more to come. During the age of Rajas and Maharajas, the palaces were built with healthier and comfortable indoor environments, be it scorching summers or chilling winters. Moreover, usage of clay bricks, bamboos, mechanical ventilation schemes and magnificent architecture, all have made the Indian construction industry rich and Green.

Proud of ownership:

Owning a property is itself a great sense of pride, but when that property is environmentally responsible, it gives the owner a sense of accomplishment and mental satisfaction that their abode is closer and less harmful to nature than ever before.

Better environment and hence health:

No matter how beautiful the interiors are of your building and how expensive and fabulous the furnishings are, a poor indoor environment can actually make you dull. A green building is not only environmentally responsible but also impacts the physical and psychological health of the occupants. Green buildings enhance air circulation and thus maintain clean air and creates comfortable temperatures.

They look fab:

Not only just imparting functional and operational benefits. These building constructions meet modern and traditional architecture and designs. 

Sustainability is the new black

Our government proudly and justly promotes Green, sustainable construction:

To make our country greener and more beneficial to the builders and end users, Government of India offers grants and assistance, whenever needed. Additional 5% free of cost FAR for GRIHA projects in Rajasthan and Punjab. Ministry of Urban Development issues a notification for local authorities to incentivize and provide 1% to 5% extra ground coverage and FAR for projects of more than 3000 sqm plot size on the basis of GRIHA evaluation. Also, MoEF( Ministry of Environment and Forests) issued a memorandum to facilitate fast track environmental clearance for GRIHA pre-certified projects. There are more reforms in the working, so we should expect more support from the government in the foreseeable future.


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