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How Do You Benefit From Having Porotherm Walls?

Hollow bricks, Natural clay bricks, Porotherm

Most people understand walls are made of bricks, but in general, all have this preconceived notion that  “ buy a heart lyrics A Brick Is Just A Brick”, which is completely wrong. Bricks play a fundamental role in a building structure, they are that element on which a building structure actually stands. It is as important as cement, iron rods and other materials. Brick stands for solidarity and strength that says the foundation of a building for generations to come. It’s time to understand the importance of walls and the role walling materials play in making your indoor living conditions healthy and peaceful.

Why Be More Mindful With Bricks?

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Your home is your sanctuary, a place that gives you this ultimate sense of comfort, security, privacy, and relaxation. It’s more like a heaven that you come to, leaving behind the drudgeries of the day’s work at the office, where your family sleeps peacefully in a calm environment. What does this mean to you? It means choosing a home that ensures the atmosphere inside your home is totally healthy.

Bricks, as we said, is one of the most important constituents which underlines the overall structure of a house. Hence, we need to be extremely mindful in our selection (bricks) for walling solutions. With growing development and innovation, today there are many varieties of bricks available in the market, namely burnt clay bricks, concrete bricks, sand-lime bricks, fly ash brick, hollow clay bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete bricks etc. but of all the mentioned categories, hollow clay bricks are one true winner.

About Porotherm Clay Bricks

Hollow bricks, Natural clay bricks, Porotherm

Porotherm Clay Bricks are the flagship product of Wienerberger in India. It is a technologically advanced smart clay brick or walling material designed for all building formats (multistoried buildings, individual houses, large apartments, villas, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, commercial complexes).

Porotherm hollow bricks are a smart walling material that peruses the advantages of natural clay. The fact that they are made of natural substances and are hollow from the inside makes them far more efficient than the traditional solid bricks and blocks. It is an innovative product specially created keeping in mind the changing climatic conditions, keeping homes naturally cool & comfortable throughout the year for generations. Porotherm bricks are environment-friendly, cost-effective and easy to handle. It is not just a brick but a Smart Clay Brick!

How Do You Benefit From Having Porotherm Walls?

Hollow bricks, Natural clay bricks, Porotherm

Petropavl 1. Cool Brick

Porotherm has a webbed/perforated design which ensures better thermal insulation (lower U-Value), it basically helps in significantly lowering the indoor temperatures of your home. Having Porotherm walls means you and your family would enjoy a cool and comfortable indoor climate throughout the year irrespective of the weather outside.

Porotherm bricks are noteworthy energy savers, for instance, during summers homeowners generally use AC while in winter, they use heaters; but when you have Porotherm walls you might not need either any of them. Living in a home made of Porotherm bricks means feeling refreshed and comforted always.

Krasnyy Luch 2. Green Brick

Porotherm bricks are considered as a great green building construction material, they are a 100% natural product providing quality construction – Safe & Healthy. Porotherm bricks are made of natural clay combined with other natural additives like coal ash, rice husk, and sawdust. They’re free from any artificial and chemical substances that might release harmful gases into the environment. Also, their capacity to retain low moisture and dry faster helps optimize thermal protection naturally.

  • The bricks are listed by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) in the green product category under energy-efficient product, material with recycled content and use of regional material.
  • Porotherm is also rated by Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA)
    Energy saving

They’re also recyclable and can be used in different forms once they reach the end of their life, which is more than 150 years.

• Hollow bricks, Natural clay bricks, Porotherm

3. Light-Weight Brick

Porotherm bricks are 60% lighter than conventional walling material. They are very easy to handle so helpful in improving the overall productivity in masonry. They majorly contribute to reducing dead loads i.e. (the non-movable loads on the building like the weight of the walls, doors, windows, floor tiles, etc.). Hence leads to substantial saving on structural cost.

Being lightweight also helps in transporting the bricks to different floors, and this is a great advantage especially for high-rise buildings. In most construction sites in India, the use of cranes is negligible, at the sites depend on laborers who manually off-load construction materials from tricks and carry them to the different floors. An average laborer can pick only one concrete block at a time owing to its heavyweight and this ultimately affects the construction timelines. In the case of Porotherm, one can easily carry two to three bricks at a time, thereby completing the wall much faster. Owing to uniformity on the sides of the bricks, the lack of sharp edges, also makes it easier to handle the bricks.

The bricks are cost-effective as well since one Porotherm brick is equal to the space occupied by nine small ordinary bricks, it demands less mortar usage.

4. Easy Brick

It is very simple to install appliances & fixtures onto the Porotherm walls with minimal effort. The only recommendation is to use a drilling machine as opposed to a hammer while making a hole into the wall. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that no expert needs to be involved, you can do it all by yourself, just drill a hole using a drill machine – insert a wooden peg or a plastic sleeve – fix a nail or a screw on to the wooden peg/plastic sleeve – just fix or hang the light load item. For heavier items, one will need to use plastic sleeve anchors or rack bolts.

Hollow bricks, Natural clay bricks, Porotherm

5. Strong Brick

Well, despite being lightweight Porotherm Smart Bricks are extremely strong.  Porotherm bricks possess a high compressive strength of =3.5 N/mm2, which adheres to the IS 3952 standard making it absolutely robust and long-lasting. The strength of the Porotherm bricks is comparable and, in many cases, better than the conventional walling materials, making the brick a very safe and quality product for your walls.

Adding to the benefits of having Porotherm walls is that it comes with a life expectancy of more than 150 years, this makes your home investment for generations. They are immune to fire as they already are fired at 1000oC with a fire rating of F240 or 240 minutes. Also, the possibility of crack formation post wall construction is minimal, because of its low water absorption property which is less than 15%.

Porotherm Walls Improve The Quality Of Your Home

Walling materials can go a long way in creating the right comfort and ambiance for you and your family.

Porotherm clay bricks have perforations as an integral design component to allow better thermal insulation, keeping your home naturally cooler than homes made from other conventional walling materials. These specialized bricks safeguard you from the noise and dust outside, making your home a quieter and cleaner place to live in while at the same time helping you conserve energy.

Wienerberger follows stringent quality testing processes for each batch of Porotherm bricks manufactured on a daily basis at the hi-tech one-of-a-kind laboratory at our Kunigal manufacturing unit, 70 Kms from Bangalore.

In India, this is the only brick manufacturing facility having such an in-house laboratory and the only brand which gives the date and batch number on each and every individual brick. The company maintains records of all bricks manufactured and any irregularity in the product could be traced back to its manufacturing batch. Such careful quality control practices are rarely practiced by any other brick manufacturer or other conventional walling products.

Also, Porotherm Clay Bricks are regularly tested from reputed external laboratories as a third-party testing procedure, thus ensuring you the finest quality, matching global standards.

Final Thoughts

Exploring home options is a good idea, but when you make your choice make sure you consider all the elements of the home including the bricks and the walls. Walls that promise you long-lasting durability, cost, and energy savings is the best thing that can happen to your building. Considering all the dimensions of Porotherm, it indeed is a smarter choice over other conventional walling solutions available in India.

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