Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs

In recent times, familiar phrases such as “go green” and “being eco-friendly” have become common all around. The term “eco-friendly” has been used for so many variant types of  products and practices that it actually is losing its actual value. By implementing and adhering to eco-friendly practices we can vouch for a healthier environment for all living beings on the planet. With the growing concern towards rising pollution eco-friendly practices has found new meaning, especially eco-friendly houses.

According to sustainablebuildthe construction industry is a major source of pollution, responsible for around 4% of particulate emissions, more water pollution incidents than any other industry, and thousands of noise complaints every year. Therefore, people in general and government are taking new innovative steps towards the development of eco-friendly houses.

An increased demand has lead to new a new industry of eco-friendly home buildings. Furthermore, technological innovations have enabled to make use of different types building materials and techniques. From  wind turbines, to solar panels every style is being tried upon. Given below are pictures of some innovative eco-friendly house designs around the world. Have a look.

Brick House : Location Mumbai

The house is riding high on its architectural design and can really catch anyone’s attention. The styles, shapes and curves are quite unique of this house.It adheres to  an  organic form of the house building.

 Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs

                                          Image Source-homedesignlover.com

Passive Solar Angled Windows: Location Bulgaria

This house is designed by Ignatov Architect. The architecture design of the house is based on the principle of passive solar heating, wherein the windows  are created angled wise to avoid the excessive summer heat.

 Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs                                          Image Source- Equinox-Bulgaria

Eco-friendly Stadium: Location Taiwan

The World Games Stadium, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is unique by its nature. It is powered by 8’844 solar panels which beautifies  its roof which is 14,155m2 . It can hold around 55’000 spectators, was designed by  Japanese architect Toyo Ito.

 Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs

                                          Image Source-flickr.com

Eco-friendly Warehouse: Location Chicago

This warehouse in Chicago is based on the ideology of recycling.  It consists of a 750kW wind turbine; solar hot water and  a 45,000-square-foot green roof. Additionally, it has a great  rainwater harvesting system built. For everyday operations, this warehouse makes use of the recycled building materials.

 Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs

                                              Image Source- treehugger.com

Recycled Concrete Tube House: Location Mexico City

This tube house is a renowned hotel that is built completely on the base of the conconcrete tubes. The firm T3arc is the designer of this hotel. The concrete tubes used in the building are all recycled. The building is beautifully designed with glasses to enable customers to have a  beautiful Sierra del Tepozteco mountain.

 Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs

                                          Image Source- .gizmag.com

The Green One : Location Delhi

The house is located in South Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park. The inspiration for this home came from the ITC green building in Gurgaon. Prashant Roy the owner of this house decided to rebuilt his house at C.R park in an eco-friendly way. Some of the principle constituents used in recycled materials are fly-ash bricks and (ACC) Autoclaved Aerated Concrete bricks.

 Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs

                                          Image Source – gosmartbricks.com

Eco Dome- The Ecorium Project: Location South Korea

This project is, sponsored by the National Ecological Institute of South Korea. The project area is 33,000 sq. metre which consists of a wetland reserve and a wild plant area. The structure, designed by Samoo, The project is based on the principle of energy efficiency. Each individual dome is built with the capability of detecting external climate and making alterations inside accordingly.

 Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs

                                          Image Source- homedit.com

Solar Pod House- The MercuryHouseOne : Location Italy

The model was exhibited recently at the Venice Biennale art exhibition by the famous firm Architecture and Vision. This designed Pod consists of a mobile solar-powered lounge and is powered by the solar panels.

 Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs

                                          Image Source- .inhabitat.com

California University Solar Wind Pavilion: Location California State

This design is an initiative of California State  University to create an eco-friendly construction wherein around 300 lecturers and student could meet easily. The design consists of a 150-foot wind generator.

 Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs

                                          Image Source- michaeljantzen.com

Masdar Eco City: Location Abu Dhabi

Masdar in Abu Dhabi is all set  to become the world’s first eco-city. According, to plan this city would be able  incorporate homes for 50,000 people.  The city’s power requirement will be primarily generated by using solar technology. The project will take around 10 years to complete with an estimated cost  of $15 – 30 billion.

 Diversified Eco-Friendly House Designs                                          Image Source- hansgrohe.com

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