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New Roof- Warning Signs for getting new one

new roof

Sometimes new roof doesn’t show any signs of aging and naturally reaches the end of its life. It’s on us to keep a watch on it to discover any variations. Generally, the roof can get affected due to extreme seasonal conditions. It is quite obvious that after some years of installing the roof, you need to look into its maintenance or replace the roof altogether. No doubt, investment could cost a lot, but it’s a gradual process of renovation. It gives life and a revived look to your home.

Changing environment with fluctuating temperatures, humidity conditions, etc. are the certain reasons that add to the degeneration of the roof. If you witness any signs like cracks, mould on shingles and roof tiles, etc. then you must start thinking be proactive in your approach to mend or replace the same.

Some signs of roof degeneration are as below:

  • Redditch Curling or Clawing of Shingles: This represents both aging and excessive heating of the roof .It happens if the roof is highly exposed to wind uplift. Gradually, it would become rigid and might even break.
  • Roof Valleys: If your roof shingles are falling apart, it is a definite sign you need a new roof. If the valley is formed, you could be open to roof leaks.Leaks occur when the metal flashing that surrounds the valley does not adequately protects your roofing materials.Water damage is most prevalent during or after wet or snowy winter.
  • Daylight through the roof boards: It is very important to check whether light passes through your roof boards. If it happens, then it is highly open to risk and expose to moisture.

Key Elements To Be Considered Before Getting a New Roof :

  • Functionality: In a tropical country like India, especially the highly humid southern part of the country, keeping your house cool can be the cause for huge energy consumption. The functionality of the roof as per the need of the house is a must. Some roofs like clay tile roofs are energy efficient, providing you with overall savings on electric bills.
  • Weather resistance: Buying decision of the roof must cater to the weather conditions of the place you live in. The weather resisting properties of any roof can be best availed with quality underlayment. Clay tiles, in particular, have the ability to fend harshness of the changing weather. Be it scorching temperatures in summer or cold winds in winters or during the rains.
  • Lifespan and durability: For most house owners, purchasing a roof could be a few times in their lives. Better to choose one that lasts long and is durable. It should be impervious especially in coastal regions like Kerala and coastal Karnataka, which receives plentiful rains. Firing the tiles at high temperature makes them retain colour and texture. So it won’t fade like many paint substitutes.
  • Maintenance on time: It is very important to avoid property damage. There are some important points that one should keep in mind, such as evaluating the risk, estimation of how much weight the roof can sustain, proper managing of roof, proper removal of dirt and water logs.
  • Aesthetics: Perfect usage of tiles enhances the beauty of the home we live in. A good tile, not only provides safety but gives a good look to the house. Clay tiles, in particular, have the ability to fend harshness of the changing weather. Be it scorching temperatures in summer or cold winds in winters or during rains. Therefore, it is important to select the perfect tiles for roof and also taking the right decision on the features of the roofing solutions.

Few Pointers To Avoid Roof Degradation:

  • Avoid Inferior Products: Faulty installation of roof, poor workmanship or inferior quality of materials used in construction of roof could lead t early degeneration.
  • Inspecting the Roof on Timely BasisIt is important to keep inspecting the roof tiles twice in a year. Sometimes the solar UV rays are stronger, which certainly affects the roof due to excess heat and thermal shock. So it is better to have a periodic survey visually. The tiles can also be inspected in terms of moisture survey system which measures the properties of material. These systems are Infrared Scam measures, Nuclear Isotopic Meters and Electrical Capacitance.
  •  Having Overall Look of RoofNext, you must do is having an overall look at the tiles. They get covered with leaves and plants and water. If any of these have covered the roof then do take up the cleaning task.
  • Checking of Drainage SystemIt happens that there is a large area of standing water that stays for long time. Standing water from drainage system leads to premature failure of the roof. To make the situation worse, if there is minor crack or pinhole, then it can be a major disaster and the water may come inside.
  • Using the right Materials: There are various innovations on roofing solutions that provide enhanced looks and add strength to the construction. It is advisable to use the right materials. The material such as asphalt shingles, slate, metal, clay and concrete materials should be highly evaluated and then used. Look matters but in this case the longevity is important too.


Image Source: Koramic Roof Tiles

With the growth of technology , the organisations are coming with various options that are really sustainable, beautiful and strong to safeguard our home safety. House owners have different options when it comes to installing roof tiles suiting various purposes. These tiles are blended with different materials and colours making it worth applying on the roof. Therefore its highly essential to choose the perfect combination to safeguard of your roof safeguard your life.


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