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Top 5 Considerations For Painting Clay Brick Masonry

Irrespective of being the oldest building material known to mankind, bricks never fail to add that unique charm and character to any interiors even today. For literally centuries, natural, exposed bricks have added allure to homes around the globe. Because brick is made from soil-based clay, it has a natural patina and texture that is warm, comforting, and impossible to replicate for any other building materials. While this is a good thing, the other side says having walls with exposed bricks can make a home space look more traditional and darker. If your exposed brick masonry wall or fireplace appears outdated and doesn’t fit your aesthetic, there is an easy solution – Paint it.

Clay brick masonry walls can be painted to increase light reflection or for decorative purposes. But it is important to note that once that brush hits the wall, there is no turning back – it is going to be permanent so make sure your decision is affirmative. Once you have decided to paint your brick walls, there are a few considerations that demand your attention and need to be handled with utmost attentiveness; in this blog, we attempt to highlight them.

5 Considerations For Painting Clay Brick Masonry

Paint for application to brick masonry walls should be durable, easy to apply, and have good adhesive characteristics, here are few more things you would need to appropriately consider:

1. Use Only Durable Materials

Assuming that clay masonry walls can be constructed using “less durable materials” is one of the biggest mistakes that many people make. When a brick wall is planned to be painted, the selection of durable materials is of prime importance this includes brick units, mortar, and the workmanship used in the construction. Proper care needs to be taken to ensure that those joints are properly filled with good quality mortar; this will restrict the entrance of moisture into the wall. One needs to ensure that there are no efflorescing materials in the wall as efflorescence under the paint film can also cause a series of irreversible problems later.

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2. Alkalinity

Alkalinity is a kind of chemical property of masonry which can have a significant impact on the paint’s durability and performance. Bricks are normally neutral but are tugged together with mortars which are chemically basic. Paint products, which are based on drying oils, may be attacked by free alkali and the oils can become saponified. Consider using an alkaline-resistant primer, this helps in preventing the occurrence of alkalinity.

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3. Efflorescence

Another important factor that can abolish the performance of a painted masonry is the deposit of water-soluble salts on the surface of the brick masonry is Efflorescence. The efflorescence present on the surface of the walls needs to be removed, once done the surface should be observed for reoccurrence before it is finally painted.

4. Water and Moisture

Any water or moisture in the masonry will hamper the performance of the painted surface. There are several ways through which moisture can make its way into the masonry. It includes pores of the building material, through incompletely bonded or only partially filled mortar joints, copings, sills, and projections, through incomplete caulked joints and improperly installed flashing or where flashing is omitted. Simply put, brick wall surfaces should be totally dry for the application of painting and its life on the wall.

5. Kind Of Paint

Never use standard oil or latex paint on brick masonry as this can trap moisture inside and cause the paint coating to peel or chip off. Basically, there cannot be a ‘waterproof’ coating applied to the masonry that prevents the exteriors to dry effectively. It is important to keep in mind that the exterior and interior walls need to be treated differently because of their function. Exterior walls come into contact with ground elements hence the kind of paint used here needs to be something that can withstand the harshness of such elements. You use this guide to Guide To Pick The Right Wall Paint Colors !

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Keep The Bricks Beautiful

These tips can help homeowners beautify the conventional brick walls with the right paint. But, whenever possible, keeping the original appearance of nature’s luxurious patina found in brick is always preferable.

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