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“There Is Still A Need To Educate The Society About Green Building Materials”, Says Divyashree

With the growing trends of green buildings in India, a lot of architects are applying for the certification and label of the green architect. However, this lady believes that you do not need this label on you in order to do something good and innovative in the society.

Introducing Divyashree V who works as a Senior Architect & Interior Designer for a Bangalore based firm. Divya has a total of 16 years of experience including expertise in both architecture and interior designing. We recently interviewed Divya to know more about her opinions on the increasing demand for architects and green buildings. Below mentioned is the conversation happened with Divya and Go SmartBricks.

Go SmartBricks: What originally made you want to study architecture and become an architect?

Divya: I was interested in buildings and design since my childhood. With time, this interest of mine turned into my passion. I met a very famous architect in my teenage from whom I really got inspired a lot. He taught me the value of architects in our society and it’s then when I decided to take architecture as my career.

Go SmartBricks: As a responsible architect, what role do green building materials play into your work? And what is the industry adoption level for these construction materials?

Divya: As a responsible architect, I believe the use of green building materials must be incorporated in all kind of work – right from the construction of new buildings to refurbishments, maintenance, and demolition – it has to be resource efficient.  But I’ve realized this that there is still a need to educate the society about green building materials. The industry adoption level is quite low as some people are still reluctant to switch to the usage of green building materials. They either don’t want to invest in it or do not find it worthy at all and this needs a change now!

Go SmartBricks: What all constitutes sustainability in your architecture (Eco-friendly products, solar panels, rain water harvesting, insulated walls etc)?

Divya: By sustainability, I believe we are not talking only about eco-friendly products or rain water harvesting or solar panels. Definitely, these are a part of the same, but then we must also make sure that the products that we are using are not only cost effective but also energy efficient and resource efficient. Also, it should also turn out to be cost effective in the long run.

We always try to come out with innovative ideas to make our society a better place to live in.

Go SmartBricks: What is the most challenging aspect of bringing together sustainability and architecture?

Divya: I think that sustainability is an inseparable part of the architecture. Energy efficient, resource efficient and cost efficient products are a necessity of sustainable building design. Again, as I said, there is a need to educate the society – sometimes they the value of it but are not ready to adopt it and sometimes they neither its value nor are ready to learn and understand it.

Go SmartBricks: According to you, what misconceptions are associated with green building? Why still are many people reluctant to switch to green buildings?

Divya: I’ve seen that there are a lot of misconceptions that people are having about green building and the most common out of them are –

They believe it takes a lot of time and moreover that, a lot of money!

They don’t value it and consider it as just another piece of conventional building. There is a big difference between these two categories of building and people often take it in the same way.

Moreover, there is need of creating awareness among several builders and architects as well. The architects must convince the builders to switch to green buildings and the builder must understand that the architect, being an expert in this field, is worth listening to. And then they should teach the society as well – should pledge and encourage individuals to consider and switch to green buildings.

Go SmartBricks: Do you think innovative, cost effective and responsible architecture can be brought at the same time?

Divya: Yes, but it greatly depends on the architect who is dealing with this situation. The architect should be enough innovative to come up with aesthetic and pleasing building designs incorporated with resource efficient and cost effective materials.

Go SmartBricks: How does sustainable architect benefits?

Divya: Sustainable architect – this term means a lot. When you are talking about the benefits of sustainable architects, you are actually talking about their capabilities to make the environment more sustainable and greener and a healthier place to live in. They have their own value in the society, however, I’ve observed this most of them do not get the credit and appreciation for which they are rightful to. By ‘most of them’, I’m talking about several unknown architects who always try to do something innovative and create a dent in their field.

One who uses his/her capabilities for the benefit of their client, society or environment must get due recognition for the work.

Divya has spent 16 glorious years of her life in the field of architecture working on several different kinds of projects. You can reach out here to know more about her.

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