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Incorporating green architecture in your existing homes: How?

People are becoming increasingly aware of the facts and effects that conventional buildings are making on our environment. With the same, they are also heading more towards the idea of green architecture and sustainable construction.

The concept of green architecture has gained a remarkable rise in the past few years. In fact, several individuals are incorporating the idea of green buildings in their existing homes as well. This article covers the importance of incorporating green architecture in your existing homes and how it can be done in the easiest way.

highly What is green architecture?

It is the idea of designing or constructing a building that has the least negative impact on the environment by creating a cleaner and healthier place to live in while using cost effective and resource efficient building techniques.

buy stromectol australia Why incorporating green architecture?

You’ll be amazed to know that India’s first green home is known to save 40% electricity. Incorporating green architecture in existing homes has its own values. Studies have proved that green building materials are awesomely cost effective and resource efficient that not only benefits the home owners but also greatly benefits to our environment as well.

Green building materials save up to 50% water and result in at least 20-30% of energy savings. Also, green architecture guarantees you a better health, clear environment to breathe in and long term sustainability.

How can green architecture be incorporated?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions to think about. How can you incorporate green architecture in existing buildings?

To convert your ‘green living dream’ into reality, you are advised to consult a green architect. A green architect knows how to replace every part of a traditional building with green building materials. They come up with ideas that are cost effective and make sure that you won’t have to face trouble while renovating your home.

We’ve compiled few of the best green architecture ideas (recognized and approved by architects) that can be considered while your next home renovation –

Use natural lighting

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As a matter of fact, most of the energy is consumed by electrical products at our home. While renovating your home, make sure you ask your architect for ideas that provide the most of the natural lighting. Install solar panels and use natural light as much as you can.

Consider eco-friendly flooring and bricks

If you want a modern touch, go for bamboo and consider cork for more comfort. There are also hardwood flooring options that are easy to install and comfortable to walk on. Eco-friendly flooring is one of the best ways to incorporate green architecture in your building.

Similarly, you can also incorporate eco-friendly bricks such as clay bricks in your home renovation. Clay bricks comprise of a lot of benefits and provide a long term sustainability that cannot be ignored.

Recycle your owned materials

Get creative while going green! Recycling materials to create some kind of wall art, throw pillows, backsplash or table top are few of the cool ideas that you can consider.

Consider green roofing

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Green roof is perhaps one of the best innovations brought by today’s architects. You can do a lot more with your terrace – right from switching to green roof to converting your place into a green terrace or a source for rain water harvesting. Depending on the type of location you are in staying in and pace, you can try to new things.

Paint it green

No, you don’t need to paint the entire house GREEN – go for zero volatile organic compounds paint. Available in both interior and exterior grade, these kinds of paints are low toxic in nature.

Consider products that don’t consume much energy and are easy to use and manage. Incorporate ideas that save on resources like rain water harvesting, installing a low flush toilet, energy star rated products and the list go on – save on your utility bills, save resources!

Buy green furniture

No! You don’t need to buy a green-coloured patio or sofa! But you can definitely buy furniture that is made from recycled materials or eco-friendly fabrics. You can bet on the guarantee and the comfort is just unmatchable.

And the list is endless. You can always try something new, innovative and resource efficient. Green architecture is probably one of the greatest revolutions of this era and it’s time for you to also adopt it.

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