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12 Famous Architects In India Who Adopt Sustainability As A Vital Feature In Their Work

The construction industry is one of the largest consumers of natural resources, hence there is this huge need to design structures that have minimal environmental impacts. Green and sustainable buildings are an upcoming concept and the need for the present-day construction industry in India.

Over the past few decades, more and more builders and architects are looking to green their projects. While many of them are trying every possible way to save the natural resources, other still think eco-friendly structures are boring, dull and shabby. To change this negative thinking on sustainable buildings, let us introduce you to these famous architects in India who are breaking the crap and adopting sustainability as a significant feature of their work. 12 Famous Architects In India With ‘Sustainability’ Their Mantra

Skien 1. Team Made in Earth

Made In Earth is based in Bengaluru and Mysuru, it is an architecture studio and construction practice who promote architecture with a minor impact on the environment. They work with local, natural building materials and techniques. They are specialized in creating contemporary expressions by beautifully using the earth. They strongly promote the trifling environmental impact of the entire construction process.

2. Chitra Vishwanath 

An expert on sustainable architecture who started her independent architectural firm, ‘Chitra K. Vishwanath Architects, in the year 1991. This Bengaluru based company merged with city-based Rainwater Club and established “Biome Environmental Solutions”. This firm exclusively stresses on building structures in response to climate change and incorporates the use of natural resources and minimizing waste streams. Chitra has been involved in at 500 sustainable building projects incorporating renewable materials like mud, etc.; mud has been an vital part of Chitra’s designs.

3. Revathi Sekhar Kamath

Based in Delhi, the Kamath Design Studio begun its journey as a partnership firm in the year 1981. Revathi Sekhar Kamath one of the partners of this studio is a very well-known protagonists of earth architecture. In fact, this lady celebrates mud in all her creations, one more interesting fact about her is that her own house is a structure made of mud.

4. Yatin Pandya

Yatin Pandya, an author, activist, academician, researcher, and an excellent ecological architect. He started his firm ‘FOOTPRINTS E.A.R.T.H’ (Environment Architecture Research Technology Housing), an organization involved in architectural design, research, alternative technology, and affordable housing. Pandya believes in an all-inclusive approach to architecture and always keeps environmental and socio-economic aspects in mind while designing. Many of his projects use metal waste and municipal plastic to build and design.

5. Dharmesh Jadeja

Dustudio is an architectural design practice based in Auroville. Through its work, this organization has devoted their efforts towards building a sustainable living environment. They have designed and constructed a number of different projects around Auroville and other parts of India. Their projects reflect a uniqueness that is culturally appropriate to its context of the built environment. Here we are talking about one innovative head – Dharmesh Jadeja who’s knowledge and contemporary practices when put together produce designs which are environmentally sustainable, economically viable and energy-efficient.

6. Trupti Doshi

Auroma Group was co-founded by architect Trupti Doshi who strongly feels that buildings are meant to match their environment and not compete with it. This craftswoman is known for her ecological friendly vernacular architecture which includes natural building materials. Coming to the Auroma Group, the core philosophy of their work is People – Planet – Prosperity. They believe that with a deeper and sensitive approach towards Sustainable Living, one can create a more meaningful, delightful and fulfilling world for themselves, for their communities and for the planet as a whole.

7. Nari Gandhi

An Indian architect known for his highly innovative works in organic architecture. Nariman Dossabhai Gandhi’s works and philosophies were in sharp divergence to the mainstream architectural thinking. All his works displayed an idiosyncratic organic character. Nari Gandhi rejected conventional ideas and paradigms and introduced his own through his work.

8. Dean D’Cruz

The mastermind behind Mozaic is Dean D’Cruz, and his organization goes all-out to provide holistic solutions to its clients. Their engagement mostly surpasses the boundaries of project briefs and pass in the empires of new experiences. They encourage sustainable practices in architecture as well as industrial products. Mozaic is based in Goa and they mainly focus on cost-effective and environment-friendly architecture, it also aims to conserve Goa’s architectural inheritance.

9. Yatin Pandya

Located in Ahmedabad, Footprints E.A.R.T.H. is a professional service organization and are involved in environmental studies, indigenous research, architectural design, alternative technology and affordable housing. Yatin Pandya, an ecological architect started this firm and this firm uses metal waste and industrial and municipal plastic in their construction.

10. Benny Kuriakose

For 3 decades, this celebrated Chennai-based architect has built everything from residential homes to resorts using locally-sourced and eco-friendly materials like earthen, stone and timber. Besides building structures from scratch, he also works on disaster rehabilitation, restoration and conservation work. Another fundamental aspect of his work is the use of indigenous knowledge in building structures. For his exemplary sustainable work, Benny has several awards and accolades to his name like the Charles Wallace (India) Trust Award (1986), Designer of the Year Award by Inside Outside Magazine (2002), and the latest being Editor’s Choice for Exemplary Body of Work, Trends Excellence Award (2017).

11. Eugene Pandala

Eugene Pandala is based in Kollam, he is very popular for building with a variety of natural materials, like mud. His construction designs are unique and free-flowing and include cob system using soil, straw, and gravel. He is renowned for including mud even in the furniture and fixtures of the structures he constructs.

12. Gopal Shankar

Gopal Shankar, Padma Shri awardee for the past 3 decades has stood at the forefront of sustainable architecture in India. With his Habitat Technology Group, he is committed to sustainable building solutions, cost-efficient, community-driven and eco-friendly architecture. Shankar has been at the forefront of constructing nearly 1 million mass housing units and over 100,000 green buildings spanning across 5 countries. Shankar has religiously taken on the cause of sustainable architecture with his blood, sweat and tears, battling hostile contractors, the establishment and naysayers.

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Building A Sustainable Future In India

It is sad to point out that the sustainable version of architecture is being practiced by a very limited group of architects/builders. But again, the rising awareness and the newest market-driven gush in green building has somehow mapped the gap between the present building practices and true sustainability. We cannot ignore the fact that India is now the 2nd largest market for green buildings, this drift is totally market driven and is accomplished with very little government support.

Is India building a sustainable future? It is important to understand that sustainable construction aims to meet the present day needs for housing and working environments without conceding the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in the future. Sustainable building incorporates elements of environmental performance, economic efficiency, and social responsibility – and further contributes to the greatest extent when architectural quality, transferability, and technical innovations are included.

Final Thoughts

The key to architectural sustainability is simply working with nature, rather than against it. Architectural sustainability reflects the view that it is important to make human activity a non-damaging part of the ongoing ecological landscape — ever enduring by the belief that ‘its nature who knows best’. Hope these famous architects in India inspire you and your work. It’s time to give back to the nature.

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