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Top 10 Types Of Tiles To Use In Home Construction/ Renovation

We love to adorn or renovate our homes for a comfortable stay and an aesthetic look. Among the various aspects that need to be looked into, tiles comprise a crucial part while designing the interiors of a home. It can be for a new home or even while renovating a home. The tiles enhance the beauty of a house and must be carefully and wisely selected. There are wide varieties of tiles available in the market. Depending on the quality and budget, you must select the one best suited for your home. The most popular and preferred types of tiles are the ceramic and the porcelain ones. Besides there are metal tiles, glass tiles, stone tiles and cement tiles and many more.

In this article, we will discuss elaborately on the different types of tiles, and their uses. But before that, let us try to understand the benefits of using tiles on the floors and walls of a house.

Benefits Of Using Tiles

The benefits of using tiles is tremendous and noteworthy. Here are some of the key advantages you can achieve and earn a good return on your investment.

  • Enhances the aesthetic feel and look of your home
  • Prevents damage of your floors and walls from moisture or any other pollutants and air-borne particles
  • Protection from spills and splashes, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms
  • Easy cleaning with soap and water along with sanitization facilities
  • Little maintenance effort and replacement of damaged parts
  • Strong durability and longevity
  • Smooth and comfortable to walk or touch

Types Of Tiles To Use In Home Construction/ Renovation

Let us now focus on the various types of tiles and their usage

1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile is one of the most preferred and popular types of tiles used in majority of the homes. The best part is it can be used in any of the rooms in the house. Bathrooms, kitchens, and at the entrance, I all of these places, you can use ceramic tiles. It is easy to clean and install the tiles. The tiles are available in multiple designs and styles. Also, they are affordable, and price is normally within budget. Before purchasing the ceramic tiles, you must first understand the difference between unglazed and glazed tiles. Glazed tiles are good if you want floors to be long lasting and bringing in more protection. On the other hand, unglazed tiles impart a rustic finish and artistic touch and feel. 

2. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is also one of the most common types of tiles used in majority of the homes. The best part of using porcelain tiles is that its ability to match the qualities of brick, wood or natural stone. Maintenance is low, which is even more advantageous and easy for use. The finishing of porcelain tiles is excellent without any fear of wear and tear. It can be used in bathrooms, and kitchens extensively and even outdoors maybe at the walkways or terrace. The fact that it does not crack, fade in colour or freeze due to cold, extends its capability to be outside. The tiles are available in a variety of design, styles and colours. The only point to remember is you need an adhesive for porcelain tiles. This is an important point to remember while installing porcelain tiles in your homes. 

3. Glass Tile

Glass tile is not a widely used tile, but it has some unique properties which increases its preference sometimes above other tiles. It is stain-resistant; allowing easy removal of stains from red wine, lemon, vinegar and other acidic food items. This quality is preferable for usage as an alternative to natural stone. Aesthetically, glass tiles is good to look at. Recommendation is to use glass tiles on desks, tabletops and near the fireplace. Wherever the usage is low, you can select glass tiles. Avoid using in heavy usage areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 

4. Cement Tile

In the modern era, cement tiles are gaining prominence. In many of the homes, they are used for interior designs are being preferred by many architects and engineers. The tiles are very porous in nature. You can select from a plethora of collection of colours and patterns. The greatest advantage is that they can be sanded and resealed to increase the aesthetic aspect and beauty. Recommendation is to reseal it once in a month. Cement tiles must be used in areas where the usage is low. Besides, they must be used in a large space, but in a smaller space. One important thing to remember is, its bit tough to install compared to the other tiles. So initially you may feel unnerved, but once you start using the cement tiles, you can realize its value. 

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5. Marble Tile

Marble tile is mainly used to enhance the beauty of a particular space in a home. In your kitchens or bathrooms, you can use marble tiles to increase the aesthetic look of certain areas. Even though its costly compared to others, but the elegance and refinement it imparts to the room is precious. The tiles are either veined or come in various patterns. Each has its unique dept and texture, which transforms the look and feel of the rooms. The marble tiles are best used in countertops, shower floors, and columns due to its affinity to scratches. 

6. Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile is one of the tiles which is available in variety of colours, shapes, sizes and styles. You can achieve a high quality design and aesthetic view in the interiors of your home. Since its usage is mainly to create an enhanced look, it is recommended to use it in areas which you prefer to highlight in your house. One important fact that you need to remember is, mosaic tile fades out fast. 

7. Granite Tile

Granite tile is similar to that of marble tile in terms of look and feel. But it is less costly compared to that of marble. The durability of granite tile is better and its known for its robust quality. It is recommended to use it for kitchen tops, and laundry rooms. The areas where you can place low cost tiles and expect better and long lasting performance, you can use it.

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8. Limestone

If you wish for a natural look with a rustic finish, limestone is the best option for usage as a tile. It is a stone tile which illustrates an awesome shade and tone; enough to enhance the aesthetic look and feel. You can feel the essence of an ancient architectural style and pattern in the design. It is soft and durable, hence can be used to curate any specific pattern or shape. Few facts to remember are limestone is porous and hence needs to be sealed properly to avoid cracks. Also, it must be cleaned with neutral pH cleaning agents. Recommended to use outdoors in a patio space.

9. Travertine Tile

Travertine tile also imparts a natural and aesthetic look. It is also soft and brings in beautiful colours and shapes. If you want to bring out an elegant touch to your house, travertine tile is the best option. But it demands careful and focused maintenance since its susceptible to stains, and scratches. Recommendation is to use it in walls and not on the floors.

 10. Metal Tile

Metal Tiles are not widely used since it requires high maintenance. But if you can then no doubt it is one of the ideal choices to bring in that luxurious and ultra-modern design effect to your home. Recommendation is to use in your kitchens or utility rooms. Since it is prone to scratches and stains, it is advisable to use it with care. Do not use in bathrooms if you are not sure of the water quality and impact due to the weather conditions.

The Final Thoughts…

Decide first your budget, maintenance ability, aesthetic needs and durability requirements. Then look for the options for the types of tiles as mentioned above and finalize the purchase.

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