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Why Build With Wienerberger Porotherm Bricks?

When it comes to building construction, one of the most important components is of course – The Wall. But again, this component often gets overlooked. Most people focus on the architecture and interiors, but rarely do they think what does into those walls.

The Indian Construction Industry has witnessed revolutionary transformation in the past few decades. Also, the recent emphasis on developing smart cities and industrial corridors has naturally made way for the inception of ‘smart homes’ and ‘smart living’. With this boom, it is essential to keep ourselves up to date with the latest innovations in the construction sector, especially about building materials. Intelligent walling materials have made way to its industries many of which have been changing the industry for good. They help you in many ways… from saving valuable man hours during construction the phase, to saving cost on sand, cement, and water, to providing toxic free, healthy living environment and more these building materials have been revolutionizing the way we construct homes today – One of these amazing building materials is – POROTHERM BRICKS.

Wienerberger, a leading producer of clay building materials for wall systems, offer Porotherm Smart Bricks, that are technologically advanced hollow bricks and environmentally friendly as they are made from clay i.e., the oldest and most natural materials that have been with people for thousands of years. In simple words earth, water, fire, and air – these are the elements that make up the Porotherm Smart Bricks. They impress with their stable value, longevity, economy, and excellent heat storage properties.

Build With Wienerberger Porotherm Bricks

Below we discuss some reasons why you should absolutely consider building with Wienerberger Porotherm Bricks.

1. Healthy Living

The natural building material brick makes healthy living possible thanks to its balancing properties. It has sufficient storage mass to naturally regulate the absorption and release of heat and moisture. This means that there are neither excessive temperature fluctuations nor excessive humidity – the rooms stay pleasantly cool in summer and comfortably warm in winter.

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2. Energy Efficiency

The brick construction is ideal for energy-saving houses. Because the bricks use the passive solar energy to the extent that they warm up, store the heat, and release it again at a later point in time. The Porotherm bricks from Wienerberger also have excellent heat and cold protection due to their material properties. This means that all common energy concepts such as low-energy houses, solar houses or passive houses can be implemented with your Wienerberger solid-value house builder.

3. Stability Of Value

A high-quality brick masonry guarantees value retention over generations, so that your children and grandchildren can also fall back on a valuable building fabric. Even if a sale should be necessary, the building material brick ensures a high resale value.

4. Comfort And Quiet

The most important thing about any home is wellbeing. From the first minute, a brick house offers noticeably the comfort that is needed for a relaxing arrival in your own four walls. The massive brick walls and ceilings create a calm and comfortable atmosphere without any noise from inside or outside. A prefabricated brick house made of Porotherm bricks has excellent soundproofing and insulation values ​​and thus creates your own personal oasis of calm.

5. Longevity

The building material brick ensures stability and security – and that with a service life of more than 100 years. A brick wall construction withstands external influences such as static loads or enormous cold and heat influences.

6. Fire Protection

Even in an emergency such as a fire, a house must be protected as well as possible. Bricks offer ideal protection here because they do not burn. A massive brick house increases the chance many times over of getting yourself and your family to safety in the event of a fire. All Porotherm bricks are subject to the strictest quality criteria and meet all applicable fire protection requirements.

7. Stability

Various environmental influences can affect a house over decades. However, a solid brick house withstands this and impresses with stability, static security and excellent dimensional stability. Such masonry does not change its shape for centuries and retains its strength even if other materials show weak points.

8. Ecologically Proven

The brick is a natural building material, which is produced purely by the natural elements earth, water, air and fire. It is therefore free of pollutants and enables a healthy life. Every Wienerberger solid value house is built according to the latest ecological standards. The durability and recyclability of the building material also make a solid brick house the first choice from an ecological point of view. This is how the next generations will also live in a sustainable home.

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Final Words

Exploring the many available options is always a good idea but selecting the one that provides you a long-lasting durability, cost and energy savings is one of the best things that can happen for your home investment. Considering all the dimensions of Porotherm, it is indeed a smarter choice over other conventional walling solutions available in our country.

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