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12 Awesome Ideas For Room Dividers

room dividers

Open spaces are important for a number of reasons. In homes, it allows things to flow easily and keeps the environment bright, and in offices, they smoothen communication and collaboration. The only time when the open concept doesn’t work is when you are looking for little privacy or looking to define some space. If you are having a rough time organizing a small space or you are looking at a simple way to break up a large room – “Room dividers” work best! 

Room dividers easily section off parts of a room and create little spaces without fully closing the areas. And the best part about them is that these allow light to freely flow into them which ensures the tiny spaces aren’t feeling dark, isolated and gloomy.

If you are planning to organize your space at home or an office building, here are 12 amazing room divider ideas which maximize space and at the same time impart that classy look to a living area.

Before That A Little About Room Dividers

Room dividers are of extreme importance for the interior of any space. They can make any living space catchy and at the same time worthy. These not only divide a room, but also maximize the space so that it can be utilized efficiently. They are great to add important elements like privacy without making any structural changes.

If you are having a rough time organizing a small space or you are looking at a simple way to break up a large room; whatever may be the case, Room Dividers are the most viable option. In addition, its an easy way of making a room more functional without spending a lot.

Few benefits of having room dividers are highlighted here:

  • Functional – Placing room dividers in living spaces allow you to break up larger spaces, this makes each part more functional than before.
  • Affordable – Hiring contractors to make structural changes is always an expensive idea, room dividers are easy to place – which means time savings and money savings.
  • Flexible Placement – These can be placed anywhere, also, their position can be changed as one wants. Room dividers are portable and allows anyone to move and place, this makes it extremely functional and versatile.
  • Available In Various Materials – Another thing that makes room dividers so popular is the fact that they are available in wide array of materials. Textile, wood, and plastic options are few examples.

Room Dividers – 12 Awesome Ideas


Here are few amazing room divider ideas which will maximise space, add an element of class, style, and privacy and are easy on pockets:

1. Glass Dividers

One of the most elegant ways to divide your room is by placing glass dividers. These not only aesthetically divide the room, but also keep the space visible and allows light to keep flowing in.

2. Block Dividers

They are a very unique kind of dividers that are totally perfect for children’s classroom or playrooms. These are an excellent way of dividing the room with a tinge of beautiful colours.

3. Slatted Dividers

One of the most popular ones that add a natural touch to room décor. You can have small loops to add a beautiful statue or add a small frame to it, definitely, it will add up to its beauty.

4. Lighted Dividers

These are perfect for adding light to a living space. Lighted dividers impart a beautiful glow and add additional light to a living space. It makes space look spacious and shiny.

5. Bamboo Dividers

Unquestionably, bamboos dividers are one of the most natural and classy ways to break up your living space. These add glamor, taste, and bring in a sense of nature to any living space.

6. Wooden Pallet Divider

One of the most interesting and inexpensive ways to divide living spaces. Typically, it works in two ways: one as a divider of course, and second to display photos, frames, clocks and much more.

7. Bookshelf Divider

Perfect for book lovers, these can be configured in whichever way you like – hang it or make it stand between rooms. It will store books, divide the room and ensure the wise utilization of spaces.

8. Rope Dividers

Rope dividers are one of the quickest and easy ways to divide your room. This divider ensures your room is airy and at the same time adds the element of privacy. Ropes are easily available and great DIY option.

9. Metal Rod Dividers

This effectively divides space, even then allows it to feel open and not closed off. To make it more interesting and break up the rods a couple of suspended boxes can be added.

10. Chalkboard dividers

One of those room dividers that are of utmost use to people who cannot remember things. These dividers are an excellent way of diving spaces and also work great for people to list down their to-do lists. One can also write motivational quotes or make sketches on it.

11. Plant Dividers

Plant dividers are beautiful and at the same time functional highlights which totally transform any living space into something cozy and more eye-catching. In addition, these plant dividers can absorb sound and purify the air.

12. Brick Dividers

Brick dividers are a great way to add a chalky, and naturalistic look to the interiors. And for that rustic look, don’t plaster or colour them, leave them as it is. And yes, remember Wienerberger Bricks for your room dividers will make them look beautiful, and at the same time improve your indoor air and climate too.

The Bottom Line

Adding a few extra walls to your space offers several advantages, but, if you are looking for an affordable, quick, and non-bulky way to make your room more comfortable and functional, then think about quality room dividers.

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