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[Video] “A Zero Energy, Water, Waste Future” – Insights by Mike Dieterich

Mike Dieterich

Mike Dieterich is a LEED Accredited Professional, environmental scientist, bestselling author, and award-winning producer.  Over the past decade, he has written policies and programs that support sustainable development.  His efforts have culminated in the success of passing historic sustainability efforts in Washington DC.

Dieterich has been called upon as an expert for the US Congress, United Nations Climate Action Forum and has led conversations at Georgetown and Carnegie Mellon Universities.  His efforts have been featured in The New York Times and various national broadcast outlets.  Having written policies and programs to support education, as well as historic sustainability efforts in Washington DC, he is known as a normatively Sustainability Champion. He has worked with local-small businesses to state agencies, federal groups, international companies, and non-profit organizations, the range of sustainability projects for organizations fills the spectrum. 

Mike has been a featured sustainability expert on various Fox & NBC stations, as well as a featured speaker at numerous conferences and most recently at the UNESCO Sustainability conference, in front of the US Congress, Carnegie Melon, and the 2015 Green Festival.

His recent TEDx talk (video below), “A Zero Energy Water Waste Future” focused on the future of energy, water, and waste in our built environment. He advises how we can zero our human footprint.

Dieterich Says – “ We Can Utilize Our Schools As A Teaching Tool”

Lack of education for long has been contributing to increasing human footprint. Dieterich takes us back to the 80s. He says,

“The power is yours, coming from captain planet being an 80s baby. What did captain plant compose of – Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Heart – But really what are these things? Earth is our materials and our resources, it’s our built environment; Air is emissions, it is the indoor and outdoor air quality; Electricity is the new Fire it fuels our society, Water is such a precious resource that we can’t substitute that for anything else – Water is water; and Heart is the passion by which we bring all of these things together, bringing things together and taking that forward.”

He feels, one of the best ways we can do that is through EDUCATION. – We can utilize our schools as a teaching tool, we can utilize that built environment to advance ourselves forward.

  • Video Length- 12:26 minutes
  • Speaker: Mike Dieterich, read more about him here
  • Hosted By: TEDx
  • Video Source: YouTube

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