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Parts Of A Roof – Know The Different Components That Make Up A Roof

Parts Of A Roof

We all understand protection from wind, rain, and snow are the major functions of a roof. And of course, this is one of the major reasons we need a roof that is strong enough and performs well. But again, roofs actual performance depends on how it is essentially constructed. There is a lot to understand when it comes to learning about what goes into constructing a roof. Do you know what makes up a roof, well some of it involves few pretty tricky terminologies? Well, let’s try and make parts of a roof easy to understand, read on.

Know The Essential Components Of A Roof

It is important to understand that every single component of a roofing system is present for a reason. Each parts of the roof have a unique design and a distinct purpose which plays an important role in the aesthetics, strength, and stability of the roof. Below are five of the most important roofing components and why they matter.

1. Roof Coverings

These may include, asphalt shingles, metal, tile, slate and wood materials with an underlayment which guards the sheathing against direct exposure and weather. Typically roof coverings perform two main functions:

  • First, provide your roof with an extra layer of protection.
  • Second, add an element of style and design to the home.

Different types of roof coverings have their own features and benefits.

2. Underlayment

This is a black colored thin paper which rests on top of the decking to protect it from air or water intrusion and other outdoor elements. It is recommended to install an additional vapor barrier or waterproofing membrane alongside the underlayment, this ensures the underlayment triple resistance and increases the life of the roof.

3. Roof Sheathing

Roofs are not just made up of shingles or tiles, but sheathing is another critical part of the roof. Typically, it includes the boards or sheet materials which are fastened to the roof’s rafters to cover the house or structure. The sheathing layer is a crucial part of the support and structure for the rest of the roof. It provides an anchorage for the shingles to be firmly nailed to, it provides broader roof support by evenly distributing any extra loads carried by the roof.

4. Metal Flashing

Sheet metal and other materials denoted as flashing is installed into a roof system’s various joints and valleys to restrict water from seeping in. Flashing essentially protects the areas that are highly prone to water instruction, like roof’s hips and valleys. These flashings are produced using rust-proof steel and designed to tolerate outside weather and provide the maximum level of protection from water runoff. It is important to note; metal flashing should be immediately replaced when damaged or worn out.

5. Ventilation

Ventilation is vital for reducing the amount of condensation and humidity that builds up in the attic of a building structure. It is crucial to have a constant stream of air flowing from one side of the attic to the other.

6. Insulation

The kind of insulation used in the roof can typically be the difference between a highly effective one and an inefficient one.

7. Drainage

A roof features element like shape, slope, and layout that influence your roof’s ability to shed water.

Beyond the physical structure and components of a roof, there are many other topics to become familiar with if you need a new roof. Read Different Types Of Roofing Materials and Clay Roof Tiles Have A Lifespan Of Up To 150 Years.

Clay Roof Tiles – Every Architects Favorite

Wienerberger clay roof tiles are sold under the brand Koramic which offers a wide range of different shapes, colours, and surface structures. Koramic is one of the leading clay roof tile brands in the world, offering 45 different roofing solutions and accessories to create the perfect roof.  

Wienerberger roof tiles have roofing solutions to suit every taste and need. Our Koramic Roof Solutions assemble a bouquet of accessories suitable for the Indian market, it includes:

  • Koraroll STANDARD & Koraroll PREMIUM – Ridge Protection and ventilation. These ensure proper ventilation on the ridgeline and enhanced protection from dampness.
  • Koraflex MULTIFLASH & Koraflex PROFIFLASH Alu– For chimney flashing. These are ideal for wall flashing, treating the abutment for water tightness, durability and weather resistance.
  • KORAMIC Valley Seal – Self-adhesive foam seal for roof valley. 
  • KORAMIC EAVES Comb – for effective eaves protection and ventilation.
  • KORAMIC Roof Window – Exit window for roofs. Quality roof exit made from wood and aluminum.
  • PREMIUM Reflex & BARRIER Alu – Roof Membrane & Vapour Control Layer. To provide complete waterproofing and act as an insulation layer. These are highly functional and enhances the performance of the roof.
  • ALU Tape & ROOF Tile CLIP J – To protect from a storm, heavy winds, wind uplift resistance.

Koramic roof tiles provide customers with a complete range of solution for the first time in India. These solutions are innovative, flexible and a perfect fit for all sorts of pitched roof construction.

Wrapping Up

Roof construction is a very important part of any construction. From natural options like clay and wood to man-made options like asphalt and metal; there are more types and styles of roofing available to select from today than ever before. The idea is that before you make your choice, consider the life-cycle, cost, maintenance, environmental and other factors and very carefully.

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