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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Roofing Designs For Houses

Roofing Designs For Houses

The roof is one of those prominent parts of the home that remains permanently exposed to the external environment and forces like rain, wind, and sunlight. This increases the need for the homeowners to carefully select the right roofing designs for houses. But deciding which type of roofing design would work best for a house can be quite a challenging decision – be it for a newly constructed home or as a replacement of an existing one.

Unique roofing designs for houses play a huge role in defining the exterior appearance of any property. Along with the looks of the home, a roof plays a huge role in protecting the home during harsh climatic conditions. Now since you are planning to construct a new house or maybe renovating or replacing an existing one – it is always wise to elect modern roofing designs for houses. Being said that, choosing an ideal design can be quite challenging and confusing, specifically with different types of roof options available today.

To make this task a little simple, we have listed below a few tips that could help in choosing the right roofing designs for houses.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Roofing Designs

Roofing Designs For Houses

1. Location Of The Property

Location plays a very critical role in selecting the right roofing designs for houses. And the climatic condition of the place is a deciding factor here. If you live in an area that is prone to strong winds and frequent cyclones, then hip roofs and pyramid roofs with slopes on all four sides are required to withstand the fierce forces of the wind. And if your home is located in a high monsoon region, then sloped roofs like saltbox, gable, and gambrel roofs are more preferable as these help in the runoff of rainwater from the roofs. For regions facing tropical climates, any type of roof depending on your choice can be used. This is because the climate here is mostly hot and humid.

As the roof acts as a shield against the external elements, it is important to make careful choice also in terms of color and material – it needs to be something that can sustain the climate of a particular location. For instance, roofs in areas prone to high temperatures should be capable of reflecting heat, this is why light colors should work well here. Also, you can also choose the material of your roof based on the location and climatic conditions around you. This will help in easy roof maintenance as well.

2. Aesthetics

Improving the aesthetics of a home starts from the exteriors. The first impression of the home leaves a striking impression and leaves people enthralled. The right aesthetic appeal of a home is not just a treat to the eyes, but it also brings several benefits for the homeowners like the increased value of the home. Now since the roof is typically visible from the street, the appearance of the roof design and the material used dramatically affect its look. So, the design, color, texture, and type of material should be compatible with your home’s exterior finish and style.

It is important to be true to the home’s architectural style. We cannot put Spanish tiles on a Colonial-style house, or metal roofing on a 60’s home. In other words, choose a design and material that will be consistent with the design vernacular of your home. With simple budget-friendly materials, you can impart a novel and beautiful appearance to your house.

3. Cost Of Construction

Choosing the right roofing designs for houses, even if it results in high expenses. It is an investment that gives you great returns in the future; this is particularly true if you are going to stay in the house or own it at least for 20 years or even more. The type of roof style that you select for your home depends on the budget you have in mind. It is important to note that dome roofs may be expensive while skillion roofs are budget-friendly – but again this is mainly because of the cost and the materials used. In addition to this, the surface of the roof also plays a critical role in the price as the total cost for the project is calculated per square foot area of the roof.

So, if you have a fixed budget in mind, we suggest you sit with a specialist who can understand your requirements and suggest options within your corresponding budget.

4. Durability

Some roofing designs for houses may not be suitable for specific utility, but they may look appealing. For example, if you are choosing a gambrel roof, these may replicate Dutch style but may not withstand fierce winds. So, in case you are located in areas prone to cyclones, then you may have to frequently indulge in roof maintenance. That’s not all, it could also cost you a total roof replacement which may be tedious and expensive.

Also, along with the style, the durability of the roof also depends on the quality of the materials, and the expertise involved in its construction.

5. Installation Process

One of the major things involved in selecting the right roofing designs for houses is hiring the right team. Once you know you got the right expertise, check with the contractor about the process timelines and essentials required. Also, find out about the pre-requisites. Ensure that all the things stacked on your roof are taken away and kept safely.

In The End…

Once you have answers to all these questions, you are all sorted to narrow down on a single roof type for your home. And now since you will be looking for the best and high-quality roofs, check out Wienerberger Koramic and Tondach roof range for your house!

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