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10 Amazing Facade Design With Recycled Materials

Facade Design, Recycled Materials

The National Association of Homebuilders say, “If all the dimensional lumber used to build the 1.2 million new homes constructed in the United States each year were laid end to end, it would extend 2 million miles, the equivalent of going to the moon and back six and a half times”— This is surely one dispiriting statistic, and yes note this doesn’t include other building materials.

Obediently sorting waste, segregating metal and plastic from the paper for separate recycling streams are slowly becoming a crucial part of the modern life. Today architects and designers worldwide are taking sign of the opportunities presented by RECYCLE & REUSE. Reusing salvaged materials not only creates a positive environmental impact on the environment by considerably reducing waste, but also offers architects materials which are typically going scarce and are hard to find, like old growth lumber.

With a goal of supporting architects to become dynamic agents of sustainable design, we present a selection of façade designs which beautifully incorporate different recycled materials. Note, beyond the common uses of glass and plastics, this listicle includes incredible façade designs made with innovative materials like plastic chairs, spring mattress, and even ice cream containers. Interesting isn’t it?

Facade Designs

10 Amazing Facade Design With Recycled Materials

Facade Designs

Here’s a look at 10 remarkable façade design made using recycled materials:

1. Recycled Bricks From A Rural House

  • Project – Capilla San Bernardo
  • Architects – Nicolás Campodonico
  • Location – La Playosa, Córdoba, Argentina

Recycle Plastic

2. Recycled Plastic Ice Cream Containers

  • Project – Bima Microlibrary
  • Architects – SHAU Bandung
  • Location – Jl. Bima, Arjuna, Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Recycle Tiles

3. Recycled Tiles

  • Project – Ningbo Historic Museum
  • Architects – Wang Shu, Amateur Architecture Studio
  • Location – Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Recycled Bricks

4. Recycled Ceramic Bricks

  • Project – Properly Breathing House
  • Architects – H&P Architects
  • Location – Đông Anh, Hanoi, Vietnam

Recycled Windows

5. Recycled Windows

  • Project – Vegan House
  • Architects – Block Architects
  • Location – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Recycled Bedsprings

6. Recycled Bedsprings

  • Project – Luxury Pavilion
  • Architects – Fahed + Architects

Teracotta Roofing

7. Recycled Terracotta Roof Tiles

  • Project – The Beehive
  • Architects – Luigi Rosselli + Raffaello Rosselli
  • Location – Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Recycled Plastic Seats

8. Recycled Plastic Seats

  • Project – Gallery of Furniture
  • Architects – CHYBIK+KRISTOF
  • Location – Brno-Vinohrady, Czech Republic

Shipping Containers Facade

9. Recycled Shipping Containers

  • Project – Carroll House
  • Architects – LOT-EK
  • Location – Brooklyn, United States

Recycle Plastic

10. Recycled Plastic Bottles

  • Project – PET pavilion
  • Architects – Project.DWG + LOOS.FM
  • Location – Community Park, Netherlands

Facade Designs

Concluding Thoughts

Using recycled materials in construction isn’t completely mainstream in architecture. These examples beautifully bring out one thing i.e. Being ecologically conscious doesn’t really mean it would impact the design and aesthetic of the building project.

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