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5 Renowned Architects From Bangalore

architects from bangalore

Bangalore is a prominent IT hub, which attracts companies from across the globe. There has been an increasing demand in the construction industry, to meet the growing housing requirements. There are many skilled architects from Bangalore, who have been able to make a mark in the construction industry. They have a profusion of buildings to their credit. These buildings are hot spots for eye-catching architectural innovation with optimal usage of space and resources.

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There are some rebels out there who, like Howard Roark, try and stand out. The following is a list of such architects.

architects from bangalore

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buy cenforce 200mg 1. Chitra Vishwanath

Amarpur Featured Projects: 

Residence for Prithvi and Purushotam

Residence for Satish & Prabha Chandra Specialities: Architecture, Consulting, Research

In her designs “mud” is a major component since it is well suited for local conditions, is relatively labour intensive and locally available. Chitra Vishwanath designs homes and commercial buildings with environmentally sound and cost effective materials.


architects from bangalore

[Image Source:] 2. Gaurav Roy Choudhury

Featured Projects:

Lateral House Bangalore, 2013

Fragment House Bangalore, 2012

Specialities: Architecture, Interior Design, Renovation, Living + Working Concepts, Branding + Graphic Design, Renovation

Spearheading GRCA a firm under his name. He is located in Bangalore with more than three years of industry experience in architecture. He has wide variety of experience in Interior design, Graphic design, urban design, and housing projects. Gaurav has a unique view, his vision “has always been to articulate the various movements that assimilate context, taking the project brief from the said to the unsaid.”


Girish_Dariyav_Karnawat architects from bangalore

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3. Girish Dariyav Karnawat

Featured Projects:

Memorial for Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims, Bhopal

Mobius House, Anjuna, 2007

Specialities: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Architecture, Lighting Design

Girish operates from Mangalore. He likes travelling, calls himself a ‘one-man itinerant firm’. His firm offers ‘comprehensive design & build’ services, carrying out complete project management for executing commissioned works. We’ve learnt that Girish takes on a limited number of projects. The reason behind which is to provide uncompromised commitment and quality.


Rajesh architects from bangalore

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4. Rajesh Renganathan

Featured Projects:

Pavilion, Bangalore, 2012

International Institute of Information Technology – Bangalore, Bangalore, 2010

Specialities: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning

Rajesh Renganathan is currently the partner of Flying Elephant Studio. His strength- he says, lies in innovative conceptual thinking. He believes apart from these qualities he is aided with demonstrated experiences, skills and technical expertise to translate ideas into reality.

zan architects from bangalore

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5. Zahabia Gandhi

Featured Projects:

Andblack studio

Specialities: Design and Architecture

Zahabia Gandhi graduated from BMSCE Bangalore, and started work in Ahmedabad at Andblack design studio. She believes that ‘Architecture can truly change the way people live’.

It is undoubted that South India is filled with huge cultural heritage and artistic elements. Though, the modern architecture landscape is still at its infancy. But, with architects like these we can be sure of some revolution spiking up so soon. Let’s hope the visionary geniuses bring exciting new ideas and shape our world.

We also share the belief of Zahabia Gandhi, that ‘Architecture can truly change the way people live’.

Authored by a Building Expert from Wienerberger

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