Green Buildings

5 Ideas For Sustainable Building Design With the ever changing environmental conditions around us, the scenario of human activities has changed. With organizations being formed all around the world, people have grown aware and are taking environment in consideration. One such idea is Green House. Greenhouses have come a very long way in the last few decades. It becomes even more important when you consider how much money a green home can save you. Green in today’s world refers to a home which is

  • Efficient in energy consumption
  • Less dependent on non-renewable sources
  • Adopting natural process and is environmentally friendly and responsible.

Nichelino A sustainable green building design is not difficult, however, there are few points that you need to keep in mind while designing the layout for a sustainable building. Any idea that can help you to have a check on resource use can be used for the idea of a green home. In this way, you take a step towards the clean atmosphere, as well as provide an example for ones living around you. There are many points that must be kept in mind while designing a layout for a green building.


The location has a big role to play in helping you to save your resources in many ways. Firstly, a west facing house should be avoided in areas where it is hot in summer; for hilly areas, a west facing home should be preferred, so that exposure to the sun is maximum and the need for fuels is less. The location also determines how much solar energy you can use in case you have installed solar panels in your home. Also, a central location for a home can help in reducing your travelling time, as well as your oil for the vehicle used. Also, building homes in accident or disaster prone area can be expensive in terms of maintenance.


Solar energy is one of the cleanest and purest forms of renewable energy sources. We receive sunlight for about 10 hours each day. And the best way to maximize the use of those 10 hours is to harvest the solar power using ‘Solar Panels’. They can be a bit expensive at first, due to high costs of installation, but can give you stunning benefits in the long run. They not only produce enough power to support the basic electronic appliances but can also return some of it to the supplier. The government also supports the use of solar panels for home use, for lighting street lamps and posts. They also grant incentives and tax breaks that use solar panels in their home.


Due to increased population, the need for land for building homes and agriculture has increased several folds. And this has resulted in mass deforestation of forests. Trees help in reducing air, noise and soil pollution, as well as purify the air. But the loss of forests has made these dangers more prominent and widespread. So, planting trees in your homes, like building a terrace garden, or a small lawn in front of housing space if possible helps in keeping the surrounding of house fresh and clean. A terrace garden is easy to cultivate and it makes the look of the house much more appealing and beautiful.


These three principles of sustainable development can also help in sustainably developing a home. Look for ideas where the home owner can actually reuse and recycle the waste materials hence reducing the level of pollution and increasing the cost efficiency. Let them reuse till possible; try not to throw them if they are still usable. Reducing waste materials by extracting the usable materials from them, incinerating the ones that can be safely reduced by incineration without causing any type of pollution would be a great idea. Also reduce the need for resources, especially non-renewable sources.


Rainwater harvesting is one of the methods which help in reducing water usage. The rainwater is stored is tanks which can later be used for toilets, sprinkling plants or washing purposes. Since rainwater is one of the purest forms of water, it poses no problem in terms of hygiene. A rain barrel is one of the most common forms of rainwater harvesting these days. Also, little tweaks like using low flow taps and pipes for more efficient use of water can also help in water conservation in your everyday life.

Adopting such small ideas would really make a big difference, provided if these are implemented in the right way.

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