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10 Reasons Porotherm Hollow Bricks Are Perfect For Your Dream Home

• Hollow bricks, Natural clay bricks, Porotherm

There has been a whole lot of buzz around building smart cities, this has naturally made way for the inception of ‘smart living’ and ‘smart homes’. Amidst this boom, if you are planning to construct your own dream house, it is first important to understand the latest innovations in the construction sector, especially with regard to building materials.

Talking about the walls particularly, most people tend to pay very less to attention to this component of the house. The kind of materials one finally chooses for building the walls is mostly based on an arbitrary method without even considering its ramifications. The idea is people need to think and plan ahead, today building a home does not only mean to focus on interiors and architecture but build structures that are a proof of quality, strength, and eco-friendliness.

Using intelligent walling materials can help you in a number of ways, from saving valuable man hours during the construction phase to saving cost on sand, cement & water, to providing toxic free, healthy living environment and much more….


Intelligent Walling Materials – Porotherm Hollow Bricks


Very recently, the building materials market has seen a very innovative product which is absolutely perfect to build walls of Quality, Strength, Energy Savings and Thermal Efficiency.  Porotherm hollow bricks are smart walling material that peruses the advantages of natural clay. These are perforated hollow bricks, which can be either horizontally perforated (HP) or vertically perforated (VP). The fact that they are made of natural substances and are hollow from inside makes them far more efficient than the traditional solid bricks and blocks.



10 Reasons Porotherm Hollow Bricks Are Perfect For Your Dream Home


Here are a few essential things that homeowners need to know about Porotherm Hollow Bricks.


• Hollow bricks, Natural clay bricks, Porotherm

1. Lightweight

Porotherm bricks are the product of a highly innovative and advanced technology. These hollow clay bricks are 60% lighter than traditional walling bricks. They can be used to construct non-load bearing walls (HP) as well as load bearing walls (VP).


2. Faster construction

Since the Porotherm bricks are light, it aids in faster construction as the masons can easily handle the bricks with efficiency. The large size of the hollow bricks is optimum and uniform. This feature allows the wall to be constructed up to 5X faster.


3. Cost-effective

You can substantially save on structural costs with Porotherm bricks. Since the bricks are lightweight it drastically reduces dead load on the structures allowing you to go for lighter framework and helping you to cut down on steel and other building material. Additionally, you can save on utility bills as the bricks act as thermal insulators saving you from more energy consumption through HVAC systems. Porotherm also saves you money with less mortar consumption during construction. The wastage of bricks is as low as 2%, which means you can optimize the number of bricks required for construction. Less wastage means less debris to clear, which further cuts down on the labor required to clear the mess. Also, the need for plastering material is again reduced since the bricks already have a uniform and smooth surface. Better yet, you can enjoy the trendy interiors and exteriors by keeping bare walls, as the Porotherm bricks are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


4. Eco-friendly

Porotherm bricks are made of natural clay amalgamated with other natural additives like coal ash, rice husk, and sawdust. They’re free from any artificial and chemical substances that might release harmful gases in the environment. Their capacity to retain low moisture and dry faster helps optimize thermal protection naturally. They’re also recyclable and can be used in different forms once they reach the end of their life.


5. Unlimited life and maximum fire protection

The life expectancy of Porotherm bricks is over 150 years. Porotherm comes with a fire rating of F240 – 240 minutes since the bricks are already burnt at an exceptionally high temperature that is at about 1000 degrees. Hence, they’re fire-proof.

• Hollow bricks, Natural clay bricks, Porotherm


6. Less water consumption

Porotherm consumes up to 95% less water during the process of curing while under building construction. It also takes less time for curing and is ready for the next phase just after 24hrs.


7. Strength

Hollow bricks come with high compressive strength typically >=35 kg/cm2 due to their unique design pattern. This helps improve productivity in masonry and allows heavy load bearing fixtures to be installed easily.


8. Easy Installation Of Appliances And Fixtures

Porotherm allows easy chasseing and chiseling for electric as well as plumbing conduits. By using the machine for drilling and chasing you can also be assured of fewer vibrations or disturbances. With this method of chasing you hardly need to worry about material wastage or breakage unlike in the case of traditional walling material. Thus, you can install concealed as well as exposed fixtures such as LCDs, geysers, kitchen cabinets, air conditioners, etc. without any worries.


9. Modern building material

Hollow bricks add aesthetic value to your home. Its versatility enables it to go well with paint, glass, and facades thus giving your architect enough scope to think creatively.


10. Thermal and acoustic insulation

Porotherm bricks are natural insulators, which can keep away outer harsh temperature from entering inside and the pleasant temperature from getting out, thus helping to maintain comfortable ambiance inside without having to use HVAC systems. Hence terracotta bricks also help you to save on energy consumption. Hollow bricks such as Porotherm Thermo bricks are filled with specially formulated insulating material that gives a ‘U’ value of 0.6 W/m²K. This not only gives you excellent thermal insulation but aides you in keeping your indoors comfortable. Walls built with Porotherm bricks also provide good acoustic insulation enabling you to build noise free homes.


Go Smart With Porotherm Smart Bricks


Porotherm hollow bricks are being extensively used as quality, strength and economical value are commended upon them. They’re aesthetically beautiful and functionally smart bricks. These bricks are also being used by famous builders and developers, and you should use them too. Visit  for more information on Porotherm Smart Bricks.


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