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Do You Like Natural Light? Ways To Enhance Your Home

It’s always a pleasure to be close to nature and feel the warmth of the early morning sun rays. Natural light enhances the environment inside the house and ensures fresh ambience throughout the day.

Daylight is the source of beneficial vitamin D which our body needs to stay healthy. A building could be designed in such a way that there is maximum natural light inside the house. Some of the fundamental benefits of daylight are:

  • Sunlight during the day helps in healing the body
  • It’s good for strong bones as it contains vitamin D
  • Keeps the environment inside the house clean and pleasant.
  • Builds good immune system of the members of the family
  • Daylight also keeps the happy mode on inside the house for every member of the family

There can be various ways of modelling a  house with a  good amount of natural light and ventilation. Discussed below are the sources that could be used to do so-

1. Design of the house

The house could be designed by the architect in such a way that the shape and size of the windows can be defined clearly. The shading and glazing styles must be in such a way that it suits the building. The windows must be planned in such a way that there is maximum daylight inside the house.

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2. Directions of the Windows

The placement of the windows in the house must be in such a way that natural light could comfort the house throughout the day. Windows facing north can give maximum daylight. However, the thermal heat is lost during the winters. South facing well glazed windows can bring in a good amount of heat and be beneficial during summers and winters.

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3. Use of Glazing 

Glazing is the most effective way of getting maximum  natural light inside the house. Few small strip windows in the ceiling could be designed which will increase the natural light and give a trendy look to your house. Around 30 percent of the ceiling can be used for glazed windows.

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4. Roofing Techniques

Solar panels could be installed on the roofs to generate electricity to reduce the consumption of electricity in the house. The monthly electricity bills reduces because of such panels and it is a good option to pledge for green living. These panels absorb heat during the sun hours and store it in such a way which can be used during the night. The solar panels can also be used to generate electricity in case of power shut downs. There could be use of tubular Skylights. These natural light saves lots of electricity as they are installed on the roof. It absorbs the natural light and then flows in a tube and brings in natural light inside the house.

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5. Use of Sober Colours

While getting your house painted use of sober colours helps in giving a bright look to the house. Light colours could be helpful in keeping the house cool. The trim of the windows can be painted in white which can help in giving an elegant look to the house.

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Case Study-1 : Sobha Turquoise, Vedapatti, Coimbatore

EnergyFriendlyImage Source:

One of the green building which is rated Platinum from IGBC is a residential project. There are around 95 houses. Most of the houses are north and east facing. This facing enables maximum natural  light in the house. The common walls of the houses are made with thermal insulated blocks and high solar reflectance tiles, which aids maintaining the temperature balance inside the house. Maximum exposure of natural light in the house reduces electricity usage and saves energy

Case Study-2Anna Centenary Library, Kotturpuram 

Anna Centenary Library natural lightImage Source: The Hindu

The Anna Centenary building is India’s largest library it consists of more than 1.5 million books and can accommodate more than a thousand readers at a time. It is rated Gold by LEED. Natural lighting is a major point of attraction of this building. There are large windows which faces north and east. In this building there is use of skylights which help in keeping the library well lit. The building also has a water conservation facility and a lot of green space in the campus.

Natural light is essential and free resource. This resource is given less importance. However, it has maximum advantages if the house is well planned with lots of sunlight helps to keep the home environment fresh, clean and keeps the members of the family healthy.

Authored by a Building Expert from Wienerberger

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