Inspiration: Meet The Winners of Brick Award 2016

Recently, Wienerberger celebrated the 7th Brick Award in Vienna. Besides the press conference and the symposium with an inspiring keynote speech and panel discussion, the winners were announced.

In 2016, prizes were awarded in five different categories, including the two Grand Prize winners and the Special Prize: Residential Use, Public Use, Re-Use, Urban Infill, and Special Solution. In 2016, more than 600 innovative brick projects from all over the world were submitted – a proof of the renown and quality of this award. The great variety of brick applications feasible today is demonstrated by all the 50 projects, which have made it onto the shortlist.

1. Winner Grand Prize: 2226, Austria

Office Building, Lustenau, Austria by baumschlager eberle

© Norbert Prommer

Fast Facts:

Architect baumschlager eberle, Austria
Location Lustenau, Austria
Construction period
02.2012 – 04.2013
Purpose Office building
Usable floor area 2421 m²
Brick type Clay blocks

2. Winner Grand Prize & Urban Infill: House 1014, Spain

House 1014, Granollers, Barcelona, Spain by HARQUITECTES

© Adria Goula

Fast Facts: 

Architect HARQUITECTES, Spain
Location Granollers, Barcelona, Spain
Construction period
10.2011 – 03.2014
Family home and guest house
Usable floor area 673 m²
Brick type Clay blocks, facing bricks, clay pavers

3. Winner Residential Use: Termitary House, Vietnam

Termitary House Da Nang, Vietnam

© Oki Hiroyuki

Fast Facts:

Architects Tropical Space, Vietnam
Da Nang, Vietnam
Construction period
04.2014 – 08.2014
Purpose Single-family house
Usable floor area 80 m²
Brick type Solid bricks

4. Winner Public Use: Auditorium AZ Groeninge, Belgium

Auditorium AZ Groeninge Vzw, Kortrijk, Belgium by Dehullu Architecten

© Dennis de Smet

Fast Facts:

Architect Dehullu Architecten, Belgium
Location Kortrijk, Belgium
Construction period
05.2012 – 01.2014
Purpose Meeting centre, auditorium
Usable floor area 1 200 m²
Brick type Facing bricks

5. Winner Re-Use: Marília Project, Brazil

Marilia Project São Paulo, Brazil by SuperLimão Studio

© Maira Acayaba

Fast Facts:

Architect SuperLimão Studio, Brazil
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Construction period
02.2010 – 12.2013
Purpose Office space
Usable floor area 450 m²
Brick type Re-used bricks from the area

6. Winner Spezial Price: Cluster House, Switzerland

Cluster House Hunziker Areal, Zurich, Switzerland by Duplex Architekten

© Johannes Marburg

Fast Facts:

Architects Duplex Architekten, Switzerland
Location Hunziker Areal, Zurich, Switzerland
Construction period
04.2013 – 02.2015
Purpose Cluster apartments, shared living space
Usable floor area 6 890 m²
Brick type Perlite filled clay blocks

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