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Meet India’s Number One Brand For Biodegradable Products – Saveglobe

Green is not just a colour but it signifies sustainability and when we talk about bringing sustainability, it has to be a holistic approach, from the buildings we live into the products we use in our daily life. Here we bring to you excerpts of an interview with the founder of India’s number one brand for biodegradable products, Mr. PVS Suhasan Reddy.

In one to one chat with GoSmartBricks, Mr. Suhasan told other smarter ways(apart from using smart bricks) as well which can bring a lot of positive change and improvement in the current situation of our mother earth. Have a read.

GoSmartBricks: What ignited the spark in you to start a business venture that cares about the environment?

Suhasan: Harika and I have MBA Background and were settled in respective fields but we started witnessing global warming, and plastic remains everywhere, and health issues using plastic. We know there are huge plastic islands floating in the pacific ocean and this is high time, we may not even get a chance to survive if we don’t react now. So understanding the consequences of plastic, we thought to come up with a safe and sustainable solution in 2011 with saveglobe. We got through a lot of struggle while researching about biodegradable products, and finally, we figured out a solution which is sustainable, eco-friendly and pampers the environment rather than harming it.

Meet india's number one brand for biodegradable products - Saveglobe.

GoSmartBricks: How do you make sure that your concept and venture gets acceptance in the society, which is driven by the prices rather than environmental concern?

Suhasan: As you correctly mentioned, biggest challenge is price, usability, and awareness. Every minute we are killing our planet, still people are in ‘wait, see and respond’ mood. Plastic is affordable, easily available and the maximum usability but it is a slow poison and kills us and the environment. And thus we need a replacement to plastics. We survived for thousand of years without plastic and we know how to survive without it, but we hardly are interested. Today people want what is cheap and readily available without measuring that it costs our planet and our health a huge pay.

Prices of eco-friendly products can come down drastically if production increases and with high market usage. Thus we can overcome pricing challenge by awareness and by imposing law. India is towards implementing the plastic ban in different states but needs to have hawk eye on the implementation, though.

GoSmartBricks: Tell us about your current offerings for the society and the mother earth? How do you find people to bring into your organization that truly care about the organization the way you do?

Suhasan: Current products which we are serving are completely eco-friendly and include:

  1. Brown Husk reusable tableware – Reusable, Domestic dishwasher safe, microwaveable up to 120 degrees
  2. Bagasse Disposable Food Packaging products made of sugarcane pulp And bamboo pulp – microwaveable up to 120 degrees
  3. Wooden Cutlery – Disposable
  4. Edible Cutlery – Disposable
  5. Corn Starch Cutlery – Disposable
  6. Earthen Pots – Made of clay used as curd setting pots, biryani pots,desert pots etc
  7. Bamboo Baskets – can be used as garden baskets, dry waste bins
  8. Areca Tableware – disposable tableware, plates, bowls made of natural leaf ecofriendly
  9. Corrugated Packaging (eg: Tshirt Packaging) – corrugated kraft paper product, designed and modified as per client requirement.

Doing and managing a business that is profitable for nature is a difficult task and is all about passion. In fact, it’s not about only profit for business it is about care towards our planet earth. And there are people who care about the environment the way we do and those have not only joined our hands to reach maximum people but also have taught us and created awareness of this whole venture.

Meet india's number one brand for biodegradable products - Saveglobe...

GoSmartBricks: What are your current traction (sales, website hits, Social followers, etc) and marketing strategies?

Suhasan: Currently we are no 1 brand in biodegradable products in India, and we have a very strong online presence with the best SEO. We witness a good number of calls with at least 20 enquiries a day and good no of calls. As we are serving pan India level we mainly concentrate on our online presence and we have good coverage in different newspapers all over India.

GoSmartBricks: What are your future plans for the venture?

Suhasan: We are planning to expand our product lines and come up with two products, eco-friendly and biodegradable wet waste bags and eco-friendly water bottle / bag which is healthy and keeps water cool, by the end of 2016. We are also expanding our capacity of edible cutlery and planning to reach 1lakh pieces per month by the end of 2016

GoSmartBricks: What piece of advice you want to share with society?

SuhasanOur Earth is Very Beautiful,Save it. Don’t cut your own branch sitting on a tree.

If you too are doing something creative that is bringing a change in the environment then please drop us a word at

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