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Interior Trends To Watch Out In 2016

Interior designing is not just about enhancing the beauty of a home , rather there is much more to it. Though, Aesthetics do hold for the major proportion of it but certainly not without the functionality that suits its design. Now, consider buying a fancy pair of  sneakers for yourself, would you still continue to wear them if they give you a shoe bite? For a thing as basic as a pair of sneakers, we don’t like to compromise , neither on the looks and nor on its functionality , then, compromising on interiors of a house?  That’s definitely not the correct decision. In fact, to say that interiors effects and impacts the overall look of a home will not be wrong. Be it a big house or a small one, the game changer is always  its interiors.

Even the largest of a house can look undesirably small and the smallest of the house can turn into a nice cosy residence, it all depends on the interiors of the house. It can create or destroy the whole look  of the space around. Based on the lifestyle, interests and also, the affordability , the interiors of a house should be done. Over-doing it or under -doing it can create a blunder. To hit the right cord is all that it takes to live in a  house worth living in.

With the influx of more and more people showing interests towards designing their homes and creating a space that defines them, we have these top trends of 2016 which can give an edge to your house:

1. True to its roots


This year, we see the traditional forms regaining its popularity. Though the spaces continue to grow minimally but the individual pieces will reflect the Indian roots. In order to reduce carbon footprinting, interior designers will be seen sourcing materials locally. ‘Handicrafts’ will be seen as one of the top demands in the market. Also, bricks and tiles made out of clay will give a natural comfort, bringing out the earthy feels.

2. Elemental hues:


Pastels will be seen ruling the pantone charts. From wall colours to upholstery, shades of lavender, pale yellow and pinks, will give a new meaning to the house, bringing out a subtle yet refreshing mood.

3. Geometry is the new black!


Geometrical forms with an influence of art deco will be there to balance the organic traditional and handmade products. They will add flair to the overall look of the house.

4. Wallpapers are back!


A simple solid colour will not do the trick, this time, you have to add  more depth to it. Wallpapers with small detailing, intricate patterns and textures are all that you need to give your wall a new dimension. Graphic prints to traditional motifs, visual impact is the key theme this season.

5. Remember Vintage, try being an artist:


This season gives you the freedom to explore the artist in you.DIY and Recycling are the hottest trends this year. From reusing old jars as planters , or Ladders as a photo frame , the more creative you get, the better it feels. The whimsical and rustic touch added to the interiors will not only give your space a character but will also, bring in the unique element which will not be easily seen around. All you need to do is to put your thinking caps on and start experimenting, you might create a masterpiece.

6. Mix and mingle:


Combining different colours and textures, materials and forms will be trending this season. An amalgamation to create new forms is what has taken over  the plain  and comfortable structures. Now, newness and flexibility of materials have taken the front seat.

7. Sustainability and environment:


This year we also see a rise in concern towards creating a sustainable and eco-friendly design Reworking and repurposing existing designs is the key role of designers this time. Creating spaces to give a holistic approach to the products which are eco- friendly such as clay-bricks, yet shaping the interiors in a new way will continue to emerge as one of the popular trends for the coming years too.

As 2016 continue we will see more trends finding their way in along with these trends which will hopefully continue to emerge even stronger in 2017  also.

Interior designing has evolved with time and is still evolving. Initially, it was considered to be a thing only celebrities and  elite class would go for, but with globalisation and people becoming more conscious about their lifestyle, interior designing has evolved to be a necessity in building up a worthy living. From being confined to furniture , it has now expanded to designing staircases, wallpapers and even space around.New concepts, materials and  colours are being explored and used. Traditional and modernistic approach along with the concern towards creating sustainability and environment-friendly design has gained importance. The attitude of people towards giving building a functional yet aesthetically appealing  house has been trending. 

Curated by a Building Expert from Wienerberger India

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