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Tips On ‘Green Remodel’ Of Your Home That Will Serve Throughout Your Life

Nothing can bring a real sense of security like a home. Therefore, it is very important to spend time on the constituents that are used in creating and constructing a home. Slightest of negligence can hamper the overall structure of your home. If you already have a home and thinking of remodeling it, pick ‘the greener way’.

According to reports, the 2015 study, which surveyed 232 builders and remodelers from across the U.S., demonstrates that they recognize the benefits of green building. “Over half (54%) of home builders are currently constructing at least 16% of their new homes green, and 39% of remodelers report that at least 16% of their remodeling projects are green. By 2020, nearly all (81%) home builders will be constructing that level of green, with over half (51%) building at least 60% of their new homes green.’

This statistics is self-evident of the fact that homeowners have recognised the essence of having a green remodelling in regards to the sustenance of your home in the long run.

Homeowners are slowly moving towards a home which is healthy on their health and pockets. We rely so much on toxic products that it had started taking a toll on body and mind. So many of items we use on a day-to-day basis contains harmful chemicals that have become hard to improve your home without jeopardizing yourself. Therefore, the time has come to take a move towards a sustainable environment, towards a green environment.  It’s not too late, remodel your house in a greener way.

Because somebody truly said, “A home serves you for the life time but a green home repays you for generations”.

Green buildings

Discussed below are some of the benefits and some basic tips through which you can attain perfect green remodelling for your house.

buy neurontin paypal Benefits of green remodelling:

Inefficient home materials lead to increased utility expenses. Other than that, allergies and asthma are a direct result of unhealthy indoor air. Therefore green remodelling becomes even more important. Green remodeling provides us with the ability to make our home a healthier and thus a happier place to live.The biggest pro of a green remodelling upon the already mentioned advantages is that it gives a better resale value. Discussed below are some the common benefits of green remodeling.

  • Green modelling increase the resale value of your home
  • It contributes to better energy and resource efficiency as well as longevity.
  • It leads to a healthier indoor air quality
  • Less maintenance cost resulting in a better durability
  • Reduction in the electricity bills
  • Less waste and usage of resources
  • Increase efficiency of room temperature
  • Conservation of natural resources and elements
  • Increased health protection
  • Economical
  • Safer

Therefore, we can easily say green remodelling has an immense impact on the overall lifecycle of the house as well as on the environment of the house. Tips on green remodeling:

Through smart planning and correct improvisation you can plan a perfect green modelled house. Discussed below are some ways through which you can do that.

  1. buy ivermectin for humans Recapitulation of the working space: Before starting with remodelling, it is very important to evaluate the available space. It is up to you whether you want to add more space or you want to remodel on the already prevailing floor plan. Instead of adding more on the already structural design, it is important to focus on how the already prevalent structure can be better organised. Examine for yourself whether you really need more space. Try to avoid extra spaces as it adds more to your cost of construction materials.
  2. disgustingly Appoint professional specialising in green buildings and materials: If you are planning for remodelling then you are going to need professionals to design and review your plans. You are also going to need energy efficient materials. You just cannot appoint any regular layman for a specialised project such as ‘green remodeling’.You need to hire the correct professionals. Review their past projects. An expert in  architecture will be able to suggest you correctly on energy efficiency and sustainability.
  3. Invest on quality not quantity: Strategic planning is vital when planning a remodel. You can easily choose to invest on things that actually makes sense. Instead of overdoing a house with too many rooms it is vital to quantify space. Invest in quality and not quantity. You can create comfortable spacy rooms instead of wasting money. Evaluate  the aesthetics of the room. Give more thoughts on colours and shapes that could be used. Give special importance towards creating a better insulation system. Invest on quality.
  4. Choosing right materials: One of the biggest tasks for you is to decide on type  materials you want to use  for remodelling. Instead of using products suggested by a local promoter go for the brands that are approved by Green Building Council, organisations that are accredited by both GRIHA and Green Building Council. Go for certified organisations, such as wienerberger.
  5. A strategical concoction of light and colour: Light is that important constituent that amplifies the total environment of your home. It is directly responsible for the improvement of room’s quality and character. You can try to use perpendicular or an adjacent window rather than a traditional one.Experiment with the structure.Play with the colour. The correct use of colour can really transform the overall appeal of the room.
  6. Start small: No matter how big your plan is, it is advisable to start small. It is better to begin with some concessions and limited budget in hand. It is better to start small if you are running low on budget. For example, if a solar panel is proving to be costly for you go for an on-demand water heater. Every step should  be taken with utmost safety.

Right measures and smart planning could change the whole environment of a house. Hurry up, it is never late. Pledge for a greener environment, so that our coming generation could manifest upon it. Go the green way!

To be continued…

[Apart from this common tips, we will be providing you with an insight on how you can plan your remodeling project wise] Stay tuned.

Authored by a building expert from Wienerberger India   

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