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A Green Building Is A Home Gifted By Nature

‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better’… Albert Einstein

To be frank, we have taken nature for granted, thus we ourselves are to be blamed for this ever expanding pollution. We are very much aware of several  environmental issues such as global warming, water, and air pollution but what do we actually do? Almost nothing. Off late but now steps are being taken by individuals as well as by Governments regarding environmental issues. According to a Dodge Data & Analytics World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report, the global green building sector continues to double every three years, with survey respondents from 70 countries reporting 60 percent of their projects will be green by 2018.

There is a general trend to switch to eco-friendly architecture and green buildings worldwide. In, other words, ‘a Green Building is a home gifted by Nature’. It is such a gift that not only contributes to our well-being but aids us economically.

A green building is specifically  designed for the reduction of the overall hazardous impact of the built-up environment on human health and the natural environment itself through proper, efficient use of energy, water, and other resources. Not only that it helps  to protect occupant health, it also helps to improve environment quality by reducing waste, pollution. So, in this regard, green buildings are nothing less than a healthy gift to you as well as your surroundings. Analysed below are some pointers that would re-establish this strongly.

The gift of Natural Construction:

A Green Building is a home gifted by Nature.

The building construction industry produces the second largest amount of demolition waste and greenhouse gases (35-40%). But thanks to green buildings we can now fight against this. The recent adaptation of architecture adhering to natural materials is getting a new high altogether. Now we can make use  of  the natural materials, which are renewable. Architectural forms are now inspired by nature. Natural building techniques are now being used quite rigorously all around the globe. The natural materials such as clay bricks or facades are now replacing polluting synthetic products which consume a large quantity of energy in their manufacturing and affects global system as a whole.

The gift of energy efficiency:

TERI estimates, if all buildings in Indian urban areas were made to adopt green building concepts, India could save more than 8,400 megawatts of power, which is enough to light 550,000 homes a year.  Energy efficiency is a very important concern for the present generation and thankfully this factor is one the most important component of green building. Green building’s energy efficiency inhabit us with nature and contributes in improving overall energy efficiency. Energy efficiency helps to reduce consumption and also contributes to supplying of quality energy. Through adhering to green materials and a little help from technology the efficiency can be materialized through services such as occupancy detectors and full home automation systems. This service helps in controlling lighting, heating, and other uses to optimize their use at a lower cost. So, green building is no less than an endowment.

Sustainable building resources

The gift of an improved indoor quality:

A Green Building is a home gifted by Nature....

The use of natural materials and components help improve the indoor life quality. After all, most of our time is spent indoors be it office or at home. The correct balance of interior and exterior is a prerequisite for a healthy environment. In many countries, the typical office building is getting built in compliance to the green building rating forces and not with standard building codes. As green building becomes more common this trend is sure to catch up globally.  Green buildings provide a healthy and productive indoor environment for occupants everywhere. Green buildings seek to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other air impurities such as microbial contaminants. Indoor air quality, right ventilation, correct  thermal comfort, access to natural ventilation and daylighting are all getting centralized, courtesy green buildings of course.

The gift of solar power system:

A Green Building is a home gifted by Nature..

Solar energy is a resource that is used for sustainable energy consumption, through direct use of sunlight.It is indefinitely renewable and it is nature’s perhaps biggest gift to us. Through solar power, we can generate electricity,  heat water and what not. Almost every building is now facilitated with solar power attributes which greatly reduce energy expenditure required to light houses and offices.

The gift of water conservation management:

A Green Building is a home gifted by Nature.....

Managing waste water, irrigation water and rainwater are essential for a sustainable living. A green building is designed to use water efficiently. Through proper use of mixer taps, water consumption is now controllable  Another famous technique of water conservation is recuperation and use of rainwater. In many buildings, rainwater is recuperated, treated and reused in applications and does not require potable water. This kind of innovative solution helps reduce freshwater needs in the public network.  Then there are solutions such as green roofs, which not only store rainwater, but also provide a green sanctuary in an urban environment along with many other benefits.

The gift of innovation:

Because of the availability of natural elements we can now think of going one step ahead. We can now innovate. The several green projects are taking place around the world and each design is setting up new standards. Several drafts are being created on how one can certify a perfect greenhouse. The approach towards the attainment of High Environmental Quality [HEQ], has enabled to  see innovation in design, construction, use, maintenance, adaptation and deconstruction. Rating systems are being drafted by Griha and LEED in India. Not only certification programs but technological enhancement has enabled innovation.  Eco-technologies such as eco-insulation and sustainable insulation are getting building projects completed done quickly, without hindrances. Innovation will take green building industry forward, raising the bar for the next wave.

Green building home is indeed a home gifted by nature and now it is up to us on how we use them.

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